Meet Avatar Simas - he holds the key to freedom and independence.

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    Simas Slabaciauskas
    Simas Avatar embodies independence –  a resolute determination to stay authentic and true to oneself and one’s sense of purpose, regardless of popular opinions or trends. Aim for your own stars, not someone else’s. Create your unique paradise on Earth.
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Hey! I’m Egle Karalyte, a brand strategist and creator of the Bloomerang Game. I’ve been helping top brands and creators on almost every continent to elevate themselves to new heights.

Have a look around – you’ll find the tools, online courses, and the Bloomerang Game to help you navigate the waters of brand building, creative fulfillment, and personal success 🌊✨.



Our tools give you structure, proven strategies, ideation cards, and a gamified approach to come to clarity when you are creating a meaningful brand for the world.


    Bloomerang Playground

    Setup the Bloomerang Playground at your office or community space. Book it for a party. Bring some fresh interactive creative playtime for your people.
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    Self-Reflection Cards

    Use this set of 35 self-reflection cards to revisit your life, current priorities, modes of expression, skills, and values. Crystallize your next steps in life.

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    Superpower Cards

    Unleash your creative potential with this set of 25 Superpower cards. Each card embodies a unique quality that, when cultivated, can help you navigate the waters of creative fulfillment and personal success.

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    Brand Strategy Cards

    Use this set of 65 Brand Strategy Cards to define your brand strategy: authentic points and proof points, positioning, messaging, brand personality, etc. Set a solid foundation for your brand system. Works perfectly with Brand Canvas.

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    Word Cards

    Use this set of 135 ideation cards to define the components of a brand’s personality: brand archetype, tone of voice, personality traits, and style characteristics.

    $60 $40
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    Design Cards Bundle

    Gamify your design workshops, facilitate smooth design conversations, explore visual trends, and add more play to your work with this set of 3 ideation cards: 

    • Style Cards Vol.1
    • Style Cards Vol.2
    • Word Cards
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    Brand Strategy Kit

    Whether you are launching a new brand or elevating an existing one, the Brand Strategy Kit will take you through the inside-out branding process enabling you to narrow in on your vision and crystallize your brand’s core.

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Online Courses

Our courses give you a solid foundation to create an engaging brand experience.

  • Trend Briefing

    Next-Generation Brand, who are you?

    Discover 11 ideas that are shaping the world of brands and society over the next 5 years. Uncover strategies to fuel your innovation and growth. Edition 2022-2027.

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    Brand Experience Design Workshop

    Discover the principles of brand experience design that elevate the brand’s experience and drive business growth. Gain a systemized view into brand experience design.

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    UX Design Fundamentals

    Learn how to create a user experience that converts website visitors into the users of your service, creates stickiness, and inspires people to come back for more.

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Brand Systems

We provide plug-and-play brand systems that elevate your brand’s experience driving sales.


    Brand System

    Narrow in on your vision, crystallize your brand’s offering, ideal customers, positioning, messaging, personality, and design direction. Consolidate it all into one place to gain clarity and consistency for the way your brand shows up in the world. 

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    Content System

    Create a content system that drives qualified leads to your website, captures people’s attention, moves them to action, and nurtures them to come back for more. Build a solid backbone for your sales.

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    Digital System

    Create a website that elevates your brand driving sales. 

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Kind words

Jenny Bessonette - Executive Director, Craft Yarn Council & Warm Up America!
“All the preparation and meetings we did ahead of time made our annual meeting so successful, even with it being virtual. I received so much positive feedback about how well it went. You did such a great job, and we appreciated and enjoyed working with you!”
— Jenny Bessonette – Executive Director, Craft Yarn Council & Warm Up America! 🇺🇸
Joe Vasquez, Denver Colorado
“Your brand cards have turned the brand discovery workshop around 180 – fun, informative and dynamic. My clients are breaking out of their vocabulary bubble and finding new ways to describe themselves without being overwhelmed. Your cards have brought tons of value and breakthrough to the work I do. “
— Joe Vasquez, Denver Colorado 🇺🇸