Bloomerang cultivates creativity, entrepreneurship, and collaboration through the joy of play, bringing a fresh impulse into any creative process.


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Bloomerang Playground

Europos Centras,
Konstitucijos pr. 7A,
09308 — Vilnius 🇱🇹

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Game in action

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Meet the Avatars

Avatars in the game are our companions. Each one embodies a distinct quality – a creative superpower. Ally with the avatar to develop the desired quality within.

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    Acrobat holds the superpower of Completeness. With meticulous attention to detail, he brings every task to a satisfying conclusion, infusing each endeavor with newfound energy.
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    Ríona holds the key to unknown horizons – uncharted territories of creativity you have yet to experience. The road ahead is misty and rugged, but if you’re brave and adventurous, Ríona will reveal the stars with the power to expand you from within. Rise, baby, rise. The time has come to shine.
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    Swan Maiden

    Swan Maiden holds the superpower of Clarity. She dispels the fog for everyone who enters her realm and brings a crystal-clear vision to embrace.
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Develop Your Superpowers

The game develops your superpowers as a creator. Explore the qualities that help to create and navigate life.

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    An ability to consistently and thoroughly finish tasks and projects one undertakes develops a strong sense of dedication and attention to detail. Commitment to seeing things through fosters reliability and a sense of accomplishment. It ensures that your work is brought to a satisfying and well-rounded conclusion. Completeness brings an influx of new energy. Finish it and go swimming!


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    If we want a dream to materialize, we need to always see the big picture and keep a good grasp of reality. Balancing the two will enable us to push through the challenges and understand the moves that need to be made. We need to stay grounded. Without this quality, a creator can’t make things happen. A dream then remains just a dream.


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    Clarity transforms ideas into action, enables us to make the right choices, brings the right people our way, and moves us closer to the dream. Without it, we float in a fog unable to make things happen. Establishing rituals in our day-to-day life that keep us grounded will give us the crystal clarity we need to remain sharp. They can add the kind of magic that only a royal swan seen far away on a lake in a fog can bring. Follow it – it will show you the way. ✨


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Discover the Game Kits

Play the Bloomerang game with your team or loved ones by getting a game kit with tools and playbook.


    Bloomerang Playground

    Bring more wonder and play to your space with the Bloomerang Playground. Inspire your people with this engaging creativity activation experience. The playground can be customized to suit your needs and is available for purchase or rental.

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    Bloomerang Go Game Kit

    A game kit to play the brand transformation game. During the game, you’ll crystallize your brand marketing system to take your brand to the next-level.

    340 260
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    Bloomerang FLOW Game Kit

    A self-reflection game kit to reflect on your personal life vision and interests, revisit your priorities, and crystallize your next steps in life.

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Discover the Tools

Here are the tools used in the game. Take them with you for some reflective playtime. ✨

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    Superpower Cards

    Superpower Cards tool contains 25 qualities that a high-performance team with a maker’s mindset should have. Use this tool to identify the strengths of your team and the gaps that should be filled. 💯🙌👊

    You can also use these cards for personal self-reflection to identify your personal strengths – your innate superpowers.🦸⁠

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    Self-Reflection Cards

    Use this set of 35 self-reflection cards to revisit your life, current priorities, modes of expression, skills, and values. Crystallize your next steps in life.

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    Brand Strategy Cards

    Use this set of 65 Brand Strategy Cards to define your brand strategy: authentic points and proof points, positioning, messaging, brand personality, etc. Set a solid foundation for your brand system. Works perfectly with Brand Canvas.

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Book a Deep-dive

Book a deep-dive to get the support as you navigate the waters of brand building, creative fulfillment, and personal success.

Become a Bloomerang Facilitator

Support and enable others to reach their goals in a meaningful and gamified way through the Bloomerang Game. As a Bloomerang Facilitator, you’ll learn how to:

Facilitate the game for brands and individuals.

Customize the game with your unique skills & interests.

Elevate the way you carry (& sell) yourself in the world.

Embrace the play. It’s fun! 🤸‍♂️

Work from anywhere. 🌎

We played the Bloomerang Game for team-building. It was really interesting to have the whole team thinking about our brand. The game helped us both functionally on our daily marketing challenges and personally to connect as a team.

— Catarina Ferraz, Marketing Manager at Sagres, Portugal 🇵🇹

It’s magical. The questions that were asked of me were exactly the questions that I needed to answer. I have new clarity, which is powerful.”

– Charlie Mowat, Entrepreneur, UK 🇬🇧

The game is very valuable for brands and companies. It’s answering a lot of questions that are out there in a fun and new way.

– Charlotte, author of Let’s Move Abroad
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