12 Blockchain Brands for Branding Inspiration

Blockchain industry is at the leading edge of new developments at the current moment. This means that branding blockchain companies is also top of mind. Just like any other company, blockchain brands also use specific tools to stand out in the marketplace, portray who they are, and attract certain audiences. 

In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at twelve different existing blockchain brands and their brand strategies to gain branding inspiration for creating a successful blockchain brand. 

We’ll take a look at the core elements of what comprises each brand’s system: authentic points, messaging, tone of voice, personality traits, style, colours and imagery. So let’s begin!


Algorand’s Brand Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

Algorand, founded by Silvio Micali in 2017, is a fully decentralised, secure, and scalable blockchain that provides common platforms for building products and services for decentralised finance. 

Upon first glance at their website’s homepage, with its moving abstract imagery, bold typeface and number tracking,  it is clear that Algorand is a futuristic, modern brand focused on output and success and positioning itself as a disruptor. 


The largest type on the homepage, ‘Where The World Transforms’ excellently reflects Algorand’s brand primary archetype The Outlaw — showing a brand that is not afraid to disrupt the status quo or inspire change. 

This rebellious nature is balanced perfectly with the use of a motivational (words like ‘truly impactful’) and defiant (‘the world’s most’) tone and a personality that assures audiences of a pioneering and visionary brand

One of the most notable features of the Algorand brand is its use of colour, namely black, green and white. While black is typically associated with sophistication and wealth — clearly related to the financial element of the brand — the use of green and white alludes to the ‘freshness’ and sustainability concerns of the brand. 

In contrast to bold and eye-catching imagery, Algorand’s logo and typefaces are relatively simple, relying on inverted black and white tones, clean lines, and simplicity to highlight the technological root of the brand. 


crypto.com brand moodboard
Crypto.com Brand’s Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

From the outset, Crypto.com positions itself as both a leader and an innovator in the cryptocurrency sector with a strong motivational and adventurous message.

Their tagline (which is heavily capitalised on the website’s homepage) is ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’, which is coupled with a background video showing iconic figures, celebrities and innovators. The message is clear before you’re even really sure what the brand is about: Crypto.com is for risk-takers. 

By employing a strong/masculine yet motivational tone of voice, found in words like ‘brave’, ‘best’, ‘true’, ‘only’ and ‘confidence’, and using images of well-known figures, Crypto.com appears to be a highly-regarded and trustworthy brand. Their brand archetype is a combination of three types: the hero, the outlaw and the explorer, which is in line with personality traits such as innovativeness, directness and adventurousness. 

Crypto.com’s logo, a bright blue abstract lion known as the ‘ethereum lion’ draws on the classic characteristics of strength and courage that lions are known to symbolise.

Their use of blue, a popular colour for branding in the cryptocurrency sector due to its connotations of professionalism, is carried throughout the website in tones of dark and light blue and contrasted with clean, white typography. Interestingly, the blue is also used as a night sky scattered with stars and planets  further demonstrating their position as innovators. 


coinbase brand moodboard
Coinbase Brand’s Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

In comparison to the previous two brands, Coinbase has incredibly clean and simple branding inspiration that portrays a more straightforward and friendly type of personality. 

With a target audience of individuals, businesses and developers, it is clear that Coinbase is trying to attract customers of all sorts: which is why their brand archetype is more regular guy/gal and their position in the sector is one of support. 

Phrases like ‘jump start’, ‘easiest’ and ‘the most trusted’ use casual and enthusiastic tones of voice to make the brand seem accessible to everyone and further portray a personality of friendliness and resourcefulness. 

This curvaceously styled website, which refers to the use of rounded, smooth lines, is essentially an extension of their simple blue and white logo. There is very little clutter or confusion in the website, they have gone for a clean and flat style that is easy to navigate and informs the audience more than intrigues them. 

Colours like blue and white, which are used throughout the site, carry connotations of cleanliness, clarity and wisdom. 


helium brand moodboard
Helium Brand’s Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

Helium, a blockchain-based wireless network, is excellent branding inspiration for brands looking to find the balance between portraying a technologically superior brand and one that is accessible and helpful to people. 

The tagline ‘People Powered Networks’ positions Helium as both a leader and a disruptor in its marketplace, which fits well in the brand archetype of hero. There is a sense of authority and intelligence to the brand identity, but it does not distract from its core feature as a ‘brand of the people’. 

Helium is definitely not targeted at beginners in the blockchain world, instead they are focused on people who are already mining, staking and using cryptocurrency. To emphasize this level of sophistication, Helium has used colours like black and green to show luxury and wealth and formal and academic tones of voice

There is a strong stylistic focus on geometric lines, symmetry and high-contrast features — all of which attract attention and position the brand as an established and efficient tech company. Helium also uses scientific features (like the name Helium and a chemistry-inspired logo) to  highlight their authority and intelligence. 


kraken brand moodboard
Kraken Brand’s Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

Kraken is a brand that uses its archetype as a regular guy/gal with sage qualities to attract its wide target audience that can only be summarised as ‘everyone’. 

Instead of positioning itself as a leader or disruptor in its field, Kraken instead positions itself as a supporter that is here to appeal to even the most beginner of crypto clients. If your brand is also a supporter in its field, Kraken is great branding inspiration. 

To do this, Kraken has employed caring and cool tones of voice, using phrases like ‘how can we help get you started’ and ‘we’re here to help’ that make the audience feel like they are in the presence of a relaxed, friendly and honest personality

This sense of calm is also visible in the use of colours and style. Pastel colours like purple, peach and pink are found throughout the website, which portray warmth, tranquillity and authenticity as opposed to harsher colours like red or black. 

Kraken also uses fantastical illustrations to create a colourful, almost psychedelic, style that balances out the more formal and direct typography.


solana brand moodboard
Solana’s Brand Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

Solana is branded very similarly to Algorand, with bold, powerful imagery, kinetic website features and similar colours like black, green and blue. They also use number tracking features and futuristic themes to convey their position as innovators in their field. 

The target audience for Solana is developers, meaning they are appealing to people who already understand the blockchain and are more interested in innovation.

This is masterfully conveyed with their use of words like ‘powerful’, ‘fast’ and ‘scalable’ that carry both defiant and motivational tones and demonstrates a combination of the magician and outlaw archetypes. Their use of words together with abstract and highly digitised imagery clearly defines a personality of a fast-moving, visionary and dynamic brand. 

While Solana employs the similar pastel tones as those of Kraken, the purple and blue colours are more illuminated and therefore portray more meanings of authenticity and excitement than comfort or tranquillity. The Solana logo, which resembles an S, has the same colours that are used throughout the website in futuristic, luminous and abstract styles.


Illuvium’s Brand Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

Illuvium is an interesting brand to examine due to its very specific target audience of gamers who are also interested in cryptocurrency. One of the first things you notice on the llluvium website is the animated, mystical world that flashes behind the text — clearly showing that this brand is about more than just tech. 

There are a few tough/masculine toned messaging points on the website’s homepage, namely ‘join the fight for ETH’, ‘Welcome to the world of Illuvium’ and ‘Ready to be a part of our journey?’, that clearly defines an explorer and a warrior brand archetype with traits of adventure, edge and sociability. 

The authentic points of Illuvium are impossible to miss: it is a combination of blockchain and gaming, and it features weird and wonderful creatures. Even through their logo, which uses double l’s to create a fantasy-like tower figure, you get the sense that this brand is about adventure and escapism.

Illuvium’s style is both illustrative and decorative, demonstrating the brand’s purpose while also carrying a sense of fun and mystique. Their page draws heavily on the imagery of the creatures, worlds and characters of the game in highly saturated and bold colours like purple, green, orange and blue. 


polkadot brand moodboard
Polkadot’s Brand Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

Polkadot subverts the trends of blockchain branding in more ways than one, but it can still be a valuable form of branding inspiration for your own blockchain brand. 

One of the first ways that Polkadot stands out from other blockchain brands is its use of pink as its focus colour. Pink, typically seen as a feminine and soft colour, is not often used by blockchain brands that are trying to convey authority. But in Polkadot’s case, pink acts an exciting contrast to boring black and makes it stand out from the crowd. 

Another interesting note about Polkadot is its logo. In the tech and blockchain industry you don’t often find italicised logos like this one, and yet it just further positions Polkadot’s individuality and disruptive position. It must be noted, however, that despite certain visual tools, Polkadot still has elements of a sage archetype due its direct and friendly traits and thoughtful/refined tone of voice. 

When it comes to style, Polkadot again uses its pink colour as decoration for an otherwise clean and flat website. There is also a lot of reliance on heavy-waited type on the Polkadot site, like the huge ‘Parachains are live’ tagline and bold titles. 


metamask brand moodboard
Metamask’s Brand Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

MetaMask and Kraken have similar branding styles, but different archetypes, personalities and messaging. When you compare these two brand identities side by side, you get an idea of how establishing a brand is much more than just either visuals or words, but rather a combination of both. 

The MetaMask website is characterised by a clean, upbeat and decorative style that uses colours such as white, orange and blue to give off a feeling of excitement and energy. MetaMask also employs pastel colours in its imagery  — digital illustrations that serve both decorative and illustrative purposes. 

The overall style of the website, including the personable fox logo, gives off traits of friendliness, flexibility and reliability and leans towards an archetype of regular guy/gal. 

However, the messaging of MetaMask is less upbeat and casual, and is more angled towards authority thanks to phrases like ‘Trusted by over 21 million users worldwide’. Emphasis on speed, reliability and power also positions MetaMask as a leader in its market, with archetypical ruler traits. 


rarible brand moodboard
Rarible’s Brand Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

Rarible is an NFT (Non-fungible token) platform which enables anyone to buy, sell and create the digital tokens. It’s based on the Rarible Protocol which enables to create fully customised NFT experiences.

Just like eBay or Amazon, the attention is not on how their company is doing or what they stand for, but instead on what is currently being sold through the platform. Rarible’s entire focus is on the NFTs themselves rather than Rarible as a brand. 

Rarible is a supportive platform giving clients the opportunity to set up their own profile and individual brands. 

The identity of the brand is minimalistic yet playful and sociable. It has futuristic illustrative graphical elements. The brand personality is also conveyed through its bright yellow logo and colour scheme that is energetic and cheerful.  It’s a good example for blockchain branding inspiration.


chainalysis brand moodboard
Chainalysis’ Brand Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

Despite being fairly simple, the Chainalysis brand is incredibly aesthetic thanks to its use of orange and blue as complimentary colours. Colour is a huge part of the Chainalysis brand: every part of the website uses one of the two colours, creating flow throughout the page and a strong brand identity. 

Orange is typically a colour associated with warmth and energy, so it is a perfect choice for a brand that’s position is around supporting the marketplace and ensuring trust, transparency and safety. This emphasis on trust (phrases like ‘building trust in blockchains’ and ‘we create transparency’) is conveyed with the use of tones of voice that are caring, thoughtful and formal — positioning Chainalysis as an honest yet dedicated brand. 

Chainalysis fits into both the sage and caregiver archetypes, because they are providing information but doing so in a helpful and kind way. The clean yet upbeat and illustrative style, as well as the evenly-spaced and easy-to-read typography, also conveys this duality of archetypes, as does the use of aesthetically pleasing yet simple icons.

One look at Chainalysis offers branding inspiration that demonstrates the power of colour. 


Filecoin brand moodboard
Filecoin Brand Moodboard – created using the Brand Canvas.

Filecoin is arguably the most simple and conservative of the blockchain brands we’ve just explored. But, there is definitely a reason for this chosen brand style and it doesn’t mean it can’t be used as branding inspiration. Filecoin is all about storing information, and that is not the most exciting of tasks — but it is a task that requires competency and security. That is why Filecoin has gone with a brand identity that portrays traits of intelligence, analysis and independence. 

There is no clear target audience, but it is insinuated that Filecoin is targeted at corporations or companies with valuable information with the use of the phrase ‘humanity’s most important information’. This simple tagline also uses very serious and formal tones of voice to emphasise the importance of its task and its role as a supporter in the marketplace, as well as its archetype as a ruler.

The overall style of the Filecoin homepage couldn’t be more simple or clean: it uses subtle grey and blue tones on a clean white background, has very little imagery or decoration and employs incredibly plain typography. 

By using such understated styles, Filecoin is placing the emphasis on its ability instead of its presentation, creating an element of trust and reliance. 

Using Blockchain Brands as Branding Inspiration

Each of these brands demonstrate how fluid and flexible branding can be, even within a similar marketplace. Some give us branding inspiration in the form of colour, others use kinetic imagery or simple phrases — but they all convey their individual brand identity perfectly. 

Have these Blockchain brands inspired you to carve out your own brand strategy? 

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