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3 Essential Questions to Ask for Successfully Selling Brand Strategy

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When you’re pitching a Brand Strategy service to prospective clients, it’s essential that you’re able to demonstrate your understanding of their unique needs, problems, and goals. Even when it’s clearly time for a brand to level up, the stakeholders probably don’t know how to make that happen effectively. 

In your pitch, you need to show them that you’re the right professional – with relevant experience, a proven process and a methodology – who can take them through this crucial time of transition and get them to their desired destination.

The Brand Strategy service contains multiple milestones so it’s best to package it into a Brand Strategy Workshop with multiple sessions. The process becomes more structured and feels more tangible for everyone. 

The first step in this sales process is to create a bond with your prospective client by asking the right questions that build trust. 

In our many years of running brand strategy workshops, we’ve come up with several key questions that are essential to ask your client. By starting with these, the client will see that you understand what they want and how you’re going to get them there. That’s what you want – their confidence. 

Here are our essential questions.

1. Why do you want to level up?

The answer to this will give you the big picture you need to show the client you’re aware of their ultimate goal and will tailor the Brand Strategy Workshop to their needs.

They might say they want to change their image or their positioning in the market. That’s very different from just wanting a refresh. Knowing their why gives you key information that will help you successfully pitch a Brand Strategy Workshop.

2. What outcomes are you expecting? 

It’s essential to know how they want to measure the results of the branding mission. If they’re unrealistic, now is the time to give your expert advice about why, and also to present goals that are more achievable. Doing this won’t discourage them, it’ll help them trust you. It also helps you by preventing disappointment. 

3. What isn’t working? 

The answer to this question will give you insight into problems they might not even be aware of. You can bring them to light and then map them to the 10 essential pillars needed to create a successful brand experience. 

When you showcase a prospective client that you understand how these problems create bottlenecks in their business, and then explain how you can remedy them through the branding mission, you position yourself not just as a designer or a consultant, but as a partner who cares about the overall success of their business.

This is exactly what good clients are looking for.

Our Brand Experience Design Framework (BXDF) details these 10 essential pillars so you can zone in on which areas your prospective client needs help fixing to ensure they’re building on a solid foundation. The client will see that you have tailored your approach specifically to their needs and feel confident hiring you. 

When you can show a client that you have the insight, expertise and all of the tools for helping them create a successful brand strategy, they’ll put their trust in you. They’ll see how you can ultimately help them provide a unique and memorable experience for the customer, which leads to their main goals: better leads, more sales, and bigger impact

If you’d like to dive deeper into how to sell a Brand Strategy Workshop successfully, watch our class “How to Sell a Brand Strategy Workshop?”. I’ve collected my best tips for getting everyone’s buy-in before you run this workshop.

Good luck!

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