Creativity Days in Kaunas {July 18-20} Mindfulness + arts & crafts + brands = ✨ Join us 🙌

We enable creators to reach new heights in their creativity, business, and life. ✨

👋 I’m Eglė Karalytė


Creativity and entrepreneurship have been my guiding stars since childhood. They led me to live and create in 8 different cities (NYC, London, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Casablanca, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Beirut 🌎). Each move brought new challenges, called for reinvention, and facilitated new levels of personal growth.

I ran a brand agency for around 10 years in Paris, France catching waves of creativity 🏄‍♀️ with startups at Google Campus London, Paris Telecom Incubator, Startup Chile, Casablanca Technopark, and Beirut Digital District 🌎. I also worked with such brands like Adobe/Fotolia, The New School, MTV Lebanon, DesignIt etc.

I’m back in my hometown, Kaunas 🇱🇹, working as Head of Marketing for a SaaS company and spinning Bloomerangas. 🙌

Whether you are building a brand, immersed in a creative odyssey, or still doing the cha-cha with your destiny— take a spin through this website. You’ll find a gamified system with tools to build and transform brands.

👋 I’m Kotryna Žaludaitė


At Bloomerangas, I’ve discovered how boundless and colorful life can be if we open ourselves to it. I’ve always been creative but lacked the means to fully harness it. Bloomerangas has become the place where my ideas take shape, transforming into valuable products and experiences for people.

As the ‘Feel Good Manager’ at Bloomerangas, I cultivate growth and fulfillment through meaningful connections. By infusing fun and play, we embark on exploring new worlds within and around us 🤸‍♀️✨.

I graduated from the University of Essex with a degree in Communications & Digital Culture and hold a certificate in interior decoration. I’ve facilitated workshops and created decorations for prestigious events such as Kaunas 2022, Fluxus Festival, Kiemų šventė, and Yaga Festival.

Adventure continues. ✨


our center of gravity

Creativity ✨

Creative energy is within us all, uniting us and driving our true expression in life.


We are here to cooperate in creating that which beautifies and uplifts the world.

Mindfulness + Responsibility

We are here to contribute rather than subtract. If we consume, we aim to create a neutral impact. This equilibrium begins with personal mindfulness, which we can then cultivate within our circles and the wider community.

Freedom + Purpose

Every individual is free and has the capacity to make responsible decisions and find necessary solutions. When we channel our energies toward a higher purpose, our freedom transforms into a mission that can elevate humanity. By helping those who come into contact with us to find this sweet spot within themselves, we achieve our mission.


Perfection is simple. Let’s keep it simple.


We all have certain interests and talents that define our distinctive individuality. Unfortunately, these are often lost under the pressure of cultural fads and social expectations. If we learn to harness and express our interests and talents, we unlock creativity and reaffirm our individuality, which culminates in our spirituality.


We advocate the inside-out approach—growing from within, branding from within, and giving from the heart. Being ourselves and sticking to one’s own path allows our individuality to emerge and stay true to who we are. Whatever comes back to you like a boomerang is a gift or a lesson from life. Bloom inside out. These are the roots of the word ‘Bloomerangas.’ (The ‘as’ ending is a Lithuanian thingy.)


Play is fundamental to our human nature. It keeps us youthful at heart, contributing to our overall happiness. Embrace play and share its joy with others! 🤸🌞

Universality 💫

We are all connected. We should thus strive to create solutions and experiences that resonate universally, transcending cultural boundaries and connecting with people from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome.

Reaching for the stars

Whatever we set our mind to, we should strive for our personal max. Cultivating our intellect expands our inner and outer capacity.


Sharing is caring. Share as widely as you can. 🌈 🌎

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