about karalyte

Hey! I’m Egle Karalyte – creator of the Bloomerang Game.

I’ve helped top-notch brands and creators on almost every continent elevate themselves to new heights through deep-dives, brand systems, and product design. I’ve created and successfully launched my own products too.

I’ve called the most captivating cities home – from the never-sleeping NYC to the snowy Vilnius and in-between: London, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Casablanca, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Beirut. 🌎

Whether you are building a brand, immersed in a creative odyssey, or still doing the cha-cha with your destiny – take a spin through our website. You’ll find the system and the tools to build your brand and carve your way in life.

Adventure continues – ready for some spins? 💫

Bloomerang Game is built upon our tools and systems for creating your brand.


Our clients and collaborators are sprinkled around the globe. Creativity has no boundaries – the world is our best canvas.

Stick to your way. Beam!

— Egle Karalyte

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