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Beirut, let’s talk about food

A talk event. July 27, 2017 – Beirut, Lebanon.

I organized a talk on the topic of food in Beirut, Lebanon bringing together diverse professionals from Beirut and abroad who either work with food or are inspired by its shapes, smells and tastes.

It was the first event of this kind in the city. We saw a few events with the same theme “let’s talk” to pop up in the city right after. I set a trend, it seems 🙂

Below is how I presented and packaged the event, including some moments from the event. It was a great way to meet and bring together some of the leaders in the city while having some fun along the way.


Bold statement: Lebanese food is the best. At the very least, we all agree it’s finger-licking good. In fact, we’d argue it’s not just a titillating experience for your taste-buds (literally, of course – pass the fattoush, please) but also a means to spark conversation, expand the mind and think of what entrepreneurship, marketing, food and art could grow into.

Leave the licked-off plates at home for once and join us for a conversation on how to create savory food experiences. “Beirut, let’s talk about…” talk unites a diverse crowd of professionals sharing their experiences and know-how on how to create, promote and experience food around the world and right here in Lebanon.

Come hear from game-changers who are in the know, speaking of the things they’ve done and the things they’ve learned. Have a taste of their enlightened solutions for problems past and sample their take on future plans.

Do line up for the buffet: eye-opening, inspiring fun is being served!

Karl Naim, CEO @  ChefXchange

Karl Naim, CEO @ ChefXchange

Joy Srour, a jewelry designer || @_joysrour_

Joy Srour, a jewelry designer || @_joysrour_


On the left - Aiste from  @Luxeat . On the right - me.

On the left – Aiste from @Luxeat. On the right – me.

Bechara Haddad, Country Manager @ Zomato

Bechara Haddad, Country Manager @ Zomato

Nabil Hayek, owner and managing director @ Moodlab.

Nabil Hayek, owner and managing director @ Moodlab.

Nicole Maftoum from  @eatlikenicole

Nicole Maftoum from @eatlikenicole


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