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Brand Cards 2021 Edition

Contribute your creative work to our new edition of the Brand Cards coming out this summer. Let’s add some beauty to this world together. Gain worldwide exposure.

Brand cards 2021

The Brand Cards 2021 Edition will feature rising talent and cutting-edge visual work of diverse disciplines created by artists and designers worldwide. It will be curated by Gintare Karalyte. Learn more in the video below:

Hundreds of brand strategists, creative directors, designers worldwide have used the first edition of our Brand Cards. If your work is selected, it will be seen by a global audience.

We’re looking for all types of works and ideas that showcase cutting-edge, upcoming, and mesmerizing design.  The discipline range is wide open – it can be branding, graphic design, 3D, production design, architecture, interior design, art, fashion, street art… or a visual category of its own.

We’d prefer the work have a message to society – that it embodies a timely idea. See the guidelines below for more specifics. 

If you’d like to submit your work or if you find something you love and want us to check it out, send it our way!

Submission Guidelines

  • The work should be professional and created between 2019-2021.
  • You should have a high-res image of your work (printer-friendly version). You don’t need to submit it for us now though. You can send jpg or png for review. 
  • If we select your work, we will contact you and request permission to use it in the print and digital versions of the Brand Cards. 
  • You will be credited as the author of the work, and you will retain all of the rights.
  • We do not offer payment for using an image of your work.

Submit Your Work