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Creativity Dashboard

Waves of creativity come and go. So we keep catching them successfully, let’s explore the nature of creativity.

9 Stages of Creativity

Here are the nine stages that every creator goes through when an idea comes and is asking for the limelight. Which stage are you in?

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    Inspiration visits us at the most unexpected time. It doesn’t ask you whether you are ready or not, it just comes. It comes as an inner impulse, an urge from inside, an influx of new energy. You can’t stay still – you just need to do it. It’s the most divine gift that one can get. Make sure to catch it when it comes and enjoy the ride it takes you on.


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    Inner freedom steers us forward showing us the way. As we slowly let our guards down, remove our masks, and set ourselves free from everyone else’s expectations, we start stepping into our authentic selves. This strengthens our core and enables us to withstand the winds, the wild oceans, and the rollercoasters of life. Stepping into your true nature and acting from that place will release so much energy giving you new wings. Ready to take the next step inwards to fly higher up?


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    When we start something new, we often don’t know where we’ll end up with. It takes time for an idea to gain shape and to get grounded in the real life. We call this stage crystallization – the process during which everything is polished up, ironed out, clarified, and put together so you can bring the most beautiful and meaningful creation into the world. Enjoy this enfoldment.


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    Ups and downs, twists and turns, high ups and deep lows. Sounds familiar? At times, extreme waves of creativity can feel uncomfortable and scary, but their wild nature hides treasures that are truly worth exploring. Simply accept that creativity works like a roller coaster. Learn to max your highs, rest and unwind during your lows. Accepting these cycles brings a deep peace that will ultimately open new horizons.

    Roller Coaster

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    Bringing an idea to life is often a roller-coaster you can’t control. It’s fun when we’re at the top, but it gets scary when we go down. As a creator, it’s important to find ways to maintain inner balance. This strength keeps fear and doubt at bay so you can have a smooth ride through the inevitable twists and turns along the way. Balance strengthens your foundation.


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    Money follows good ideas. If people will love your idea, find it useful, be willing to pay for it, and if there will be enough people doing that, then you’ll be able to transform your idea into a self-sustaining business. Finding the formula for financial success is a process. Experiment until you find a model that works.


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    Success often comes when most unexpected. It falls like the snow in the summer surprising you with the smell of rose petals. Don’t cling to it because you can’t catch it just like that. It’s free, it’s wild, and it’s fragile. It will come as the most awaited gift when the time is right. It will feel just like the coronation ceremony. Accept it with grace and gratefulness. You deserve it!


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    Success opens up new horizons for us. It brings new people, spontaneously unfolds unexpected encounters, and things start falling into their places with such ease and playfulness. The most important thing here is to drop all your expectations and let this unfoldment happen without your control. Spread your wings wide, let the world be your canvas, and enjoy the flight!

    Unknown Horizons

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    When we reach our goal and our dreams finally materialize, we reach a state of peace and calmness. From this state, we can enter a new dimension of creation. We can finally sit back, relax, and watch the events unfold in front of us. If we’ve done our job well as the creators to this point, the view will surprise you. You’ll see that things can start happening without your participation. Your watchfulness is the only thing that’s required for the game to continue.


Qualities to Develop

Here are the qualities that everyone of us should develop if we’d like to successfully catch the waves of creativity. 🌊✨

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    Focus is force. Knowing what you want and where you want to go, brings in the sharpness and edginess that multiplies your force tenfold. It opens the most hidden doors bringing your dream closer to you faster. Sprinkled with flexibility and gentleness, your force will maneuver your way forward with grace and style. We bow to the focused ones. They lead the way.


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    If we want a dream to materialize, we need to always see the big picture and keep a good grasp of reality. Balancing the two will enable us to push through the challenges and understand the moves that need to be made. We need to stay grounded. Without this quality, a creator can’t make things happen. A dream then remains just a dream.


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    Clarity transforms ideas into action, enables us to make the right choices, brings the right people our way, and moves us closer to the dream. Without it, we float in a fog unable to make things happen. Establishing rituals in our day-to-day life that keep us grounded will give us the crystal clarity we need to remain sharp. They can add the kind of magic that only a royal swan seen far away on a lake in a fog can bring. Follow it – it will show you the way. ✨


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    True perfection is deceptively simple. Lots of ideas can fly around us asking for our attention. How do you spot THE one that is truly calling for you? The one that the world is waiting for and only you could bring out in the most beautiful and original way. That idea often comes like a blissful impulse and hunts you around. Trust it. Follow it. It’s your message for the people.


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    Have you ever experienced the beauty and lightness of a beginner’s mind? The openness and spontaneity that comes with it can bring so many colors into your creative process. Creating is a game so embrace the moves of your inner child. They’ll enable you to stay original and be one step ahead of the crowd. Let’s play!


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    Once we create in alignment with our true nature, things unfold through us at their maximum capacity and in the most original way. Clear away any “must-be-likes” to unlock your flow. Practice trusting the process of creativity and embrace where it’s taking you. The fruit might be sweeter than you think.

    Maker Mindset

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    Navigating life requires flexibility. We don’t control the flow of creativity, we go with it. If you are too rigid, things won’t flow. If there’s no beat, you won’t feel in sync with what life is bringing you. If you cut improvisation off, things will be boring. So dance the dance of life with utmost flexibility. Life leads the way and we follow it while co-creating along the way. The result will have the most beautiful choreography and it will be a natural masterpiece.


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    Being too practical or too “out there” will make you appear either boring or crazy. However, when you merge what’s sensible with what’s truly unique (even if it’s edgy or unfamiliar), you’ll get a balanced formula for success. See where you are on the scale and make adjustments accordingly to get closer to the middle.

    Pragmatic Irrationality

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    As a creator, you are a carrier of ideas. Your job is to birth these precious babies out into the world to the best of your ability. Engaging other people to help you care for them is of the utmost importance for success. Bring only those people who are on a similar wavelength and who truly believe in the idea. 1+1=3 is the formula for successful collaboration. Everything else is a waste of time.


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    Determination feels like walking on a frozen lake. You know that the ice might break with every step you make, but you continue. You continue understanding all the risks and despite the fragility of your road ahead. You continue because the dream sits on the other side of the lake and the desire to get there is stronger than anything else in life. You continue gently hopping over the thinner parts of ice and minimizing your risks as much as you can. Continue.


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    Carving out your unique path in life requires courage. Courage to stick to your guts, to get comfortable with the unknown, to be flexible and fast when making unforeseen turns. Only the bravest and the most persistent ones win. They break all boundaries and set new trends for others to follow. And then, they move on to new things…fast. So hit the road, Jack!


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    Compromise is a process of synchronizing your ideas with rules, limitations, and other people’s needs. Imagine yourself as an architect who needs to take the qualities of the materials and environment into account when creating a new structure. In order to build something that’s both effective and unique, you need to adapt and be flexible. In other words, compromise when needed.


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    Being fast is of utmost importance if you want to make some waves. Your idea doesn’t need to be perfect when you’re starting out. You’ll fine-tune as you go. In fact, if it’s perfect, you’re probably starting too late. So, invite your confidence over, shift into the fifth gear, and let’s go!


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