Design Thinking & UX Fundamentals at Startup Chile

A few moments from the Wednesday’s meetup at the Startup Chile. I had the honor to co-host it with James McBennett, co-founder at Assmbly. James did a presentation on Design Thinking and the designers being the center of gravity in a startup designed to scale. I did my usual one on the UX Fundamentals. Big thanks to Aparnafor organizing and everyone who took the precious time to come for this!


Getting used to the microphone… somehow it did not feel as natural for me as doing a workshop without it. As if there was someone else I needed to take care of besides the audience…

James McBennett , co-founder at  Assmbly . James McBennett showcasing that getting the coke from the vending machine is actually not very convenient. Bad product design, in other words. startupchile-james-03.png