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New Report: Digital Trends in Travel And Tourism

As a commodity, travel is remarkable in its ability to make a life-long impact on us. Sure, a new pair of shoes or a scoop of ice cream from our local gelateria can temporarily soothe and uplift us. But travel has the power to go deeper: prejudices are demolished; new friendships are built; great works emerge (as proven by the likes of Hemingway and Gaugin).

As a digital brand experience consultancy, when we decided to launch our first digital trends and insights report, there was no doubt that we wanted to focus on the travel & tourism industry, since it is very much an experience-driven industry.

In addition, our previous work (with clients like Luxeat, Hotel La Résidence du Vieux Port, Trust & Travel, and Selective Retreats), combined with workshops and presentations at Welcome City Lab (travel & tourism startup incubator), and the 2014 IFTM, had given us the opportunity to learn more about the needs of travel & tourism businesses.

Placing the customer at the center of digital product and service development has always been the guiding principle in our work. So in putting together the report we focused on looking at digital trends in travel & tourism from the perspective of today’s traveler. What sort of societal trends are coming up and how are they influencing travelers? What do people value? What are people seeking more (or less) of?

And on the flip side, how are these same trends affecting travel & tourism businesses? How are travel & tourism brands positioning themselves on the web and on mobile to better respond, and appeal, to today’s traveler? How are brands presenting themselves visually to better engage with their audiences? How is technology being integrated into the travel & tourism experience, and which design patterns are most popular on web and mobile platforms?

At the end of our research, we had an 85-page report that provides travel & tourism brands, and those who serve these brands, with insights and analyses about how the industry is being shaped by societal and technological trends.

These insights and analyses are presented as such in the report:

  • 6 Trends that define our society

  • Innovative uses of web and mobile in travel

  • Positioning trends of travel brands online

  • Web & Mobile Design Trends in Travel

  • 150+ Examples for your Inspiration

We hope the insights provided in our Digital Trends in Travel & Tourism report will fuel your imagination as you design new and exciting web & mobile experiences for today’s traveler. We invite you to peek into these insights by downloading a sample of the report here.

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