Finding Your Unique Format of Creative Expression

This post has an audio story too. Catch a breeze:

I wanted to chat about creative expression and the different ways we can express ourselves. It’s something I’ve been exploring for a while now. I’ve always had this desire to create something truly original, something that doesn’t fit into any predefined labels. You know that feeling when you’re like, “Yeah, this is exactly what I want to say and how I want to say it.”

Well, guess what? I’ve found that magical format that lets me merge all my interests and touch on every dimension I need in life: visuals, sound, depth, play, wonder, and even communication with people. It’s called the Bloomerang game. I’ve managed to structure and package it, and now I’m in the exciting process of sharing it with the world. I really hope you’ll check it out! If you’re looking to take things to the next level in your own life or add more colors to your activities, the Bloomerang game is perfect for you. It even has a few variations! Trust me, it’ll give you crystal clarity on your next steps.

Now, let’s go back to what I started this video with—the format for creative expression. Finding that format is a journey, my friend. It’s not something that magically falls into our laps right at the beginning of our careers. We need to go through various experiences, absorb different things from different people, and gradually fill ourselves up so we can bring something unique to life. Personally, I’ve been fortunate enough to live in eight countries and work with diverse individuals from all walks of life, in different formats and contexts. The Bloomerang game is the culmination of all those experiences packed into one fantastic game.

But let me tell you, it took me more than 15 years to reach this point. I’ve tried my hand at various creative endeavors, experimented with different approaches, launched products and mini brands—you name it. I don’t want to dive too deep into that, but here’s the thing: I see many young people who want to pursue their passions, and that’s awesome. However, there’s often this pressure to start their own business and become a wildly successful entrepreneur overnight. It’s great to be entrepreneurial and search for your thing, but my advice is this: don’t rush it.

When I was 22, I was busy partying it up in New York City. Starting my own business was definitely on my mind, but it wasn’t my top priority. Now, I’m not suggesting you follow my life path exactly, but my point is to enjoy the journey and not feel rushed. Creating something mature and truly interesting takes time, and you can’t predict how long it’ll take to get there. You might try a few things along the way, and experiment with different approaches, and it might not be an instant masterpiece. But hey, that’s all part of the process.

So, keep searching. Explore all the different formats of expression that captivate you. Master them. And as you do, keep integrating new elements and developing your own unique style and palette. Absorb inspiration from the world around you, from people who inspire you, and make sure to jot things down—trust me, I’m a big fan of notebooks. If I had kept all my notebooks, I’d probably need a few cupboards by now. Unfortunately, since I’m always on the move, carrying them all with me isn’t practical. But find a way to build your collection of ideas, even if it’s through scribbles, photographs, or whatever sparks your creativity. One day, the time will be just right, and you’ll experience that “aha” moment where everything clicks. Writing will become blissful and fun, and you’ll see your ideas falling into place. It’s a beautiful process when things start blooming.

You might not see the end result just yet, but you’ll start feeling how the elements come together and why you needed to go through certain experiences before. It’s a wonderful unfolding. You don’t have to force it—just be open and let things fall into place. You’ll find that new collaborations are born, and your ideas flow in unexpected directions. That’s the beauty of it. But don’t feel pressured to rush into it while you’re still young and exploring.

Enjoy the spontaneity and the freedom of having fewer responsibilities in life. Once you start developing an idea and involving more people, responsibilities will come knocking, and you won’t be as free or spontaneous. You can’t just pack your bags and go wherever you feel like. So, while you can, enjoy it. Embrace everything life has to offer, and don’t feel pressured to settle down or make quick decisions. When the time is right and an idea truly calls to you, you’ll naturally feel the desire to stay put and let it happen. Creating requires some stillness. It’s impossible to let things mature and bring them to life when you’re constantly on the move. When you’re always on the move, you’re absorbing, but you can’t put things out there—that’s just not how it works.

So, if you don’t have an idea yet or you haven’t found that unique format of expression, it simply means it’s not the right time. Don’t stress about it. Go out there and see what life has in store for you. Embrace all the opportunities that align with your values. You’ll find that one thing leads to another, and suddenly, you’re riding your own wave. And when that happens, it’s pure bliss. So, wait for it, my friend. Just like surfers waiting for the perfect wave, you’ll know when it’s time to catch it. Oh, and remember to be considerate of your fellow surfers in line—don’t hit them or steal their wave.

That’s it for now. I’m getting nostalgic about the ocean, so I need to go spend some time there. Take care, and let’s patiently wait for our wave. In the meantime, let’s keep learning how to surf the waves of creativity. Cheers.