How to Embrace the Past and Move Forwards

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I’m sure that a lot of you who are going through a transformation or a transition, you’re stepping into something new, in a new phase of your life, and it might be relevant. How do you leave the past behind and really step into the new phase by letting go of your old qualities and bringing in the new qualities that you feel you need to gain in order to grow as a person, as a creator, as an entrepreneur, and so forth?

Firstly, we cannot let go of old things. We can transform them into something that’s waiting to come out. So we can integrate the past and soften it. But letting go completely of who we were before is almost impossible because that will always stay with us. It’ll always stay part of us. So we just need to accept it, integrate it, and then bring in the new qualities that we want to have. And this process is obviously time-consuming.

Usually, any transition that we go through, it’s one step forward, two-step back, one step forward, two steps back. We usually go back to our old comfort zone and that’s normal. The most important thing is just to keep on moving forward and don’t let ourselves be in that old past, old us too long. When we make this kind of crossover, the bridge to the other side, you’ll see that you naturally grow. There’s more space within you that has opened up. And then because you let go of the previous ways, but not in the way that you put it into the trash can, and it’s done.

It’s good to do this ritual, but it’s not like we trash it, and we don’t remember. It’s always there. And we need to just simply embrace the old us, and in a way also open ourselves to what the future is bringing us. And in that way, it’s just simply accepting what’s coming next, accepting and in a similar way, integrating. So integrating the past, integrating the future and through this integration, we make a new pancake dough, and that’s the new us for the next phase in our life. So the most important thing is to enjoy this journey because it’s a fun ride. It’s really fun.

Growth is hard, but it’s fun because it really opens up a lot of new space within us, and then we don’t know where it will take us. So enjoy the ride, accept what the present is bringing to you, and we’ll see where the future will take. So cheers until the next time.