How to use the Brand Canvas?

Brand Canvas

Every successful branding or rebranding project needs a good start. A good start is a well-organized and structured process with a central tool such as Brand Canvas at the core of it to kick things off in the right direction.

Running a Brand Workshop
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The first phase of the branding process is the brand strategy phase. The goal of this phase is to understand where the client is coming from, where s/he is right now, where s/he wants to go next, and then work out a plan to help the client reach the next level of their success.

Lots of information needs to be uncovered during this phase and lots of details need to be crystallized. We can’t start the designing or writing until the essentials are clear. If we skip it, we risk getting lost along the way which will increase the project’s timeline, decrease profitability, and create frustration for everyone.

So it’s important to nail down all the basics before we start making things happen.

A good Brand Strategist will facilitate the brand strategy sessions in a way that pulls the client out of their daily routine, challenges their hesitations, unblocks their doubts, and inspires them to dream big again. We want to ignite creative flow empowering our clients to expand their horizons, bring back the dreams left dusting on the back-burner and reimagine an even wider and more colorful future for their brand.

Brand Canvas for Brand Strategy Workshop

The success of this brand strategy phase depends on your ability to create a deep resonance with your client which will inspire them to reimagine their brand, bring clarity on how to go about it all, and make them believe again in their capacity to make it happen.

Your role, as the Brand Strategist, during this phase is to:

  • Ask the client all the right questions.
  • Give your client enough time and space to reflect on them.
  • Listen actively to their answers.
  • Help consolidate and prioritize all the new ideas that pop up along this way.
  • Keep things grounded and laser-focused, bringing the client back on track when things drift away.
  • Get a client out of the “stuck” mode whenever that occurs. Unfortunately, this happens often…

As you are answering the most important questions about the brand together with your client, write them out onto the Brand Canvas so you could better visualize the building blocks of a brand and start weaving them together.

At the end of the process, if you’ve done your job well, the Brand Canvas will serve as a mirror reflecting the big picture very clearly. Your client will get that blissful “aha” moment of clarity and feel empowered to do what s/he has been dreaming to do next.

It’s a great moment to witness!

The Brand Canvas will also make it easy to share the crystallized new direction with the team and help bring everyone on board for the next move. Here’s how the filled out version looks like:

branding tools

If you’d like to learn more about our brand strategy process, have a read here and check out our Brand Strategy Kit. It includes one printed A2-sized Brand Canvas which you can use for one project. You’ll also get a printer-ready digital file that you can print out for all your future projects.

brand strategy kit

I hope this walk-through has been useful.