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Next-Generation Brand, who are you? Edition 2022-2027

next-generation brand, who are you

Many wheels stopped turning over the last two years. But while our lives were forcibly slowed down, the drive of innovation didn’t give. Yes, countless forward-thinking businesses and brands have been forced to close their doors. There are lots of people having to find new modes of living. But those who found a way to remain open have already been defining the Next-Generation of brands and moving forward with great strength.

How the Next-Generation will be formed in 2022

Throughout this year, we’ve been on the lookout for brands, projects, and innovations that are driving this change and shaping the future of brands and our society. I’m very excited to share with you today our discoveries and insights in the form of our new trend briefing – “Next-Generation Brand, Who Are You?”.

Next-Generation Brand, who are you? 2022-2027 Edition.
Next-Generation Brand, who are you? 2022-2027 Edition

What’s included?

This trend briefing covers 11 forward-thinking ideas that are centrally and fundamentally shaping the world of brands and society in the next 5 years (2022-2027). 70 pages, 13 chapters, and over 170 references, including case-studies, articles, and ideas that span industries and our everyday lives will take you on a wave of creativity.

Education is becoming more dynamic. Machines are developing character. New ways to empower your audience are emerging and rewiring the circuitry on which we currently run. The future is smarter, faster.

It’s one where knowledge is critically at our fingertips. Where the power to connect with similar minds may lay promise to enact more substantial change than ever before. The world continues changing around us and there is a never-ending supply of inspiring innovation that drives the change. 

Who is it for?

The most successful people are the ones who know how to adapt to the world around them. The most flexible have come this far.

If you are someone with a growth mindset, or your business or brand is growing with the world and not running against the current, then this trend briefing is for you. If you want to know how citizens will be spending their time and where their attention will be; this trend briefing is for you. If you’re curious, interested in the latest trends and ideas that will define society’s next chapter; this trend briefing is for you. 

What’s next?

This trend briefing comes in two formats: 1) digital presentation, and 2) a live debrief customized for your needs. Use it as a bladed surfboard to cut into the next wave of your success.

Let’s dive into all of this together. Save hours of research time. Expand your horizons wider and wider. I promise – we’ll resurface bearing some shiny pearls (think: ideas and insights). Leveraging them will enable you to fuel your innovation and growth strategy.

Welcome to the Next-Generation.

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    Next-Generation Brand, who are you?

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