Introducing Style Cards Vol. 1

style cards vol. 1

Just after launching the digital version of the Word Cards, we are doing another launch of the digital version of the Style Cards Vol. 1. It’s a super exciting month!

The purpose of the Style Cards Vol. 1 is to help you shape a design direction for your design project – whether it’s a brand, a product, or even an interior.

Style Cards Vol.1 is a subset of the cards that are included in the Brand Cards. That’s why we call them Volume 1 – it was the first tool that we have launched.

As you can see from the screencast below, the cards are organized into 10 styles to help you navigate them and jump into a particular theme if you feel it’s more relevant for the project you are working on.

It’s best to use these cards with our Brand Canvas since then they work as a coherent branding system. However, you can also use them on your own digital templates if that’s what you prefer.

You can use these cards just like the Word Cards. Have a look at the screencast of how to use them on this post.

We will be launching the print version of the Style Cards Vol.1 later in the summer. So, if you prefer the pen-and-paper way of working, stay tuned!

I hope these cards will help you to stay creative and focused, as well as will add more play to your work. Keep on creating ✨