Introducing Style Cards Vol. 2

style cards vol 2

We are very excited to share that the new edition of the Style Cards is coming out soon. ✨✨✨

We took a slightly different route when creating this edition while maintaining our original mission – to create an inspiring yet practical tool for a fellow creator.

The new Style Cards box contains 130 selected works across various creative disciplines created by authors from around the world. The works are organized into 10 styles that reflect what’s shaping our culture in 2021.

Think of it like a visual trend book packaged in a playful format of cards.

Thank you to all the creators who allowed us to feature their work in this edition, to Gintare Karalyte for curating this edition, and to everyone on our team for helping to make this happen.

We hope the Style Cards will bring you new inspiration, expand your horizons, smoothen your design conversations, and add more play to your work.

Pre-order them now at a discounted price

Ignite your creativity ✨✨✨💫