Introducing the Brand Strategy Framework

We are very happy to announce the launch of our new digital tool which will help you to create a winning brand strategy for your client or team – the Brand Strategy Framework.

Here’s what’s included in the Framework:

Brand Strategy Workshop

This Workshop shows you all of the steps for effectively facilitating a branding workshop for your team or client. Learn how to use key questions to uncover vital information that creates the foundation for a successful branding project. Slides and Exercise Templates are included with the Workshop. 

Brand Canvas

As you go through the branding process, you’ll capture key points in this digital tool (available as interactive canvas and as a PDF). By the end, you’ll have a strong foundation and a clear map for carrying out your vision.

72 Word Cards

This digital collection of ideation cards enable you to define the characteristics of a brand’s personality quickly and effortlessly. The PDF files are included in case you wanted to print them out. Save time and get started faster with these predefined set of cards:

  • 12 Brand Archetype Cards
  • 20 Tone of Voice Cards
  • 40 Brand Personality Cards

Live Q&A Webinar

You’ll also get access to a live Q&A webinar during which we’ll answer all your questions.

If you’d like to create a winning brand strategy for your client or team, get immediate access to the Brand Strategy Framework.