Introducing the Content Strategy Framework

Following months of exploration, brainstorming, and design, we’re thrilled to finally announce the launch of the Content Strategy Framework 🎉

The Framework provides a process and set of tools that will help marketing teams, CMOs, founders, and marketing consultants to create strategic content that converts and is aligned with their brand’s experience.

Structured as a digital tool, the Content Strategy Framework is based on years of experience crafting and implementing content strategies for brands looking to grow and innovate in the digital space. 

Here’s what is included in the Content Strategy Framework:

Content Strategy Workshop

The workshop walks you through every step of the framework, with examples, case studies, and activities to help you lay down the foundation of your Content Strategy. The presentation file and the templates are also included in the Framework. Have a listen below to what is covered during this workshop:

Content Canvas

This Canvas – also a new addition to our set of tools – will guide you through the essentials steps of your content strategy, leading up to an editorial calendar that you can put into practice at the end of the training.

Content Cards

Content Cards are designed around 3 different sets of activities, all of which help you dive deeper into the elements of your content strategy, while adding some more fun to the process. They contain: 20 Audience Cards for persona exploration, 50 Ideation Cards for brainstorming content ideas for your brand, and 10 Scorecards, which will help you evaluate the quality of your existing and new content before (re)publishing it.

Live Q&A Webinar

Once you purchase the Framework, you will also get access to our live Q&A webinar during which we will answer all your questions.

You can read more about the Content Strategy Framework here, and if you have any questions, drop us a line and we’d be happy to tell you more about the Framework.

Next on the list? A Content Strategy Kit – print edition 🎉 , so stay tuned!