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Lessons Learned from Redesigning the Packaging for the Brand Strategy Kit

“The packing can either be beautiful or environmentally safe.” We heard this phrase many times from our contact at the printing house, but we refused to compromise on our goals for re-packaging the Brand Strategy Kit. 

It’s important for us that our products and kits represent what we stand for – clean, beautiful, and simple design with a twist while blended with sustainable materials. So after all, it becomes not so simple! 😂

The previous packaging worked well for protecting the product during worldwide shipping. But there was excessive packing material, including plastic wrap and plastic balls. We all know where those end up. Not okay!

It was time for a simple redesign. We had no idea, however, that it would take six months to feel truly satisfied with the results.

First, we did what everyone does these days to find inspiration: Pinterest. At first, it’s exciting and many posts are repinned onto a fresh new board. Eventually though, decisions must be made about how to get beautiful results in real-world circumstances.

Since lockdown was still in effect, our only option was to work with the printing house remotely. It was challenging to explain why the fold of the tissue paper was a bit off or to understand why the Kit’s card box just wouldn’t stay in place.

The ideas we’d imagined, thanks to all of those beautiful Pinterest images, just weren’t working in reality. The guy at the printing house must have thought we were crazy to keep asking him to try different things…over and over again.

Finally, though, our refusal to compromise on beauty vs. sustainability paid off. We got everything to stay in place, look great, and still be safe for the environment. We’re proud to share our newly packaged Brand Strategy Kit!

We hope you’ll appreciate the way the Brand Strategy Kit opens up now. Have fun with this! 

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