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Middle-East Vintage

Imagine James Dean and Salma Hayek zipping through Beirut on a scooter. Their experience reflects The Middle East Vintage design style: exotic adventure and cultural richness embodied in dynamic patterns, eclectic colors, and a dash of glam.

Both the Middle East Vintage style and the Boho style share the qualities of artistic freedom and independent spirit as seen in the use of free-flowing, colorful patterns. Boho leans toward Romanian and Moroccan influences, while Middle East Vintage reflects its Arabian culture. 

This design style is a cousin to the wildly re-popular Boho style, which is an updated mix of early 19th century Romania, 1950s Paris, and American flower children of the 1970s.

An icon of Middle East Vintage style – designer Rana Salam – has created this mood-board for our styles collection. Rana’s work conveys a curious and free-spirited vibe that’s deeply sensual, lush, and Beirut-inspired.

Meet Rana Salam

Here’s a short conversation with Rana Salam in her beautiful studio in Beirut, Lebanon. We hope you’ll enjoy meeting her a bit more!

Style Characteristics


  • Middle Eastern influences.
  • Exotic color palette – spicy, earthy, eclectic, rich.
  • Multiple colors used in one design – specific palette but unrestrained combinations.
  • Liberal use of pattern, layers, and text as part of the design.
  • Use of gold/metallic; feeling of retro glam.
  • Handwriting style fonts matched with clean-lined secondary font.


  • Classic (conservative, restrained).
  • Minimalistic.
  • Industrial (steril, neutral).
  • Futuristic

Embodies these Personality Traits

  • Adventurous  
  • Artistic
  • Eccentric and/or Edgy
  • Free-Spirited
  • Maximalist
  • Open-minded and/or Rebellious

Good for Branding

  • Art and cultural products and events. 
  • Eclectic/artful fashion brands.
  • Adventurous and cultural travel.
  • Products with retro branding.
  • Restaurants with globally-focused cuisine.
  • “Boho” influenced products, fashion, home.

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