Neosbrand’s New Wave Design for the Adventurous Generation

Javier Castro is one of the founding brothers of Neosbrand, a design agency that is shaping the future through their revitalised, refreshing twist on branding and new wave design. Be it wine labels, virtual mobile operators or shoes, there are no holds barred when it comes to finding that unique perspective which will give personality to their next project. 

Neosbrand’s trademark is a bright, bold color swatch that fits in so well, yet stands out, proud to have the eyes of the world staring at it. It’s as if the paintscapes and characters they imagine have created a small world that wraps around them, a place where they instantly belong. 

In this article, we’ll see how Javier approaches a young audience, understand the importance of adventure to Neosbrand, find out where he sees the future of brands and design, and take a look at his contribution to the Style Cards Vol. 2.

Brand Identity for Odisel
Brand Identity for Oniti
Brand Identity for Odisel
Visuals for Vermú Pando
Branding + Packaging for Lady Blanc

Playful Experimentation for a Young Audience

Daring to try something different, Javier tells us about the need for lateral imagination and novelty in design.

The playful colors that characterize Javier’s new wave design always seem to be dancing on the page in front of you, engaged in a tango of shape and form, unpredictable and enticing.

“Only when trying to go slightly beyond the ordinary is where you’ll be able to find original ideas and solutions.”

Javier Castro

Jumping around one another, they toss you away in a spinning goodbye and then pull you back with an outstretched hand. “Fun and outgoing…young audience…”, his clients look for him to appeal to the generation of young dreamers and adventurers. 

Brand Identity for Oniti
Pattern design for the wine label La Sonrisa
Brand Identity for Marabunta

“We always try to propose ideas that are slightly out of [the client’s] comfort zone, which helps them reflect”

Javier Castro

La Banda

La Banda is a piece of work by Neosbrand that we selected to feature in the Style Cards Vol. 2. It’s a joyful cohesion of childlike outlines and unobtrusive, calm colours. 

It was made for La Banda, a gastronomic market that wants to shake things up. Their space will be a place for conversation, for listening and understanding, social and music events. 

Identity and packaging design for La Banda

From the first glance, the design for La Banda gives you a sensation of fun and excitement. You feel like the people who’ll be behind the door when you enter will have eccentric and colourful hair. Either a body-shaking cocktail or a plate of mouthwatering picada on the table to share with friends. The spontaneous cast of game-changers is somehow embodied in this work. Like all his other work, the La Banda design feels like part of the new wave of society. 

The outgoing, colourful and courageous, oddball collective that sees the world as a blank canvas. With paintbrushes in hand, ready to launch a barrage of kaleidoscopic colour wherever they go.

Looking Out to the World from the Streets of Cadiz

While discovering the range of projects that Javier has worked on, I felt like I was seeing the world with fresh eyes. It gave me an urge to take a bold step into the world, into untouched lands, and new territories. His work tells you to try something you didn’t think was possible, get lost in a conversation, and reinvent yourself. Like a floating shoe in between segments of a watermelon…What??, but Yes!!

Living in Cadiz, one of the most densely populated regions of Western Europe that is home to a multitude of cosmopolitan, daring and new age citizens, helps him to find original ideas. 

He told us that him and his brother often walk around the streets of the time-tested city, engaging in conversations with colleagues, strangers. They float past the architecture and gaze out to the Mediterranean Ocean from the sprawling peninsula, inspired by the vastness and the unknown, the lack of footprints in front of them driving the creative adrenaline. 

Cadiz, Spain
Cadiz, Spain

Finding the New Wave Over the Oceans

Javier encourages his team to travel to novel places, immerse themselves in alternative cultures, and leads by example. His Twitter feed was recently awash with South-East Asian design ideas, from anime-inspired instant noodle packaging to Vietnam Airline’s creative twist on safety proposals. You can see that Neosbrand’s projects are the birthchild of this adventure. 

Movement and discovery are reflected in how the agency shines lights on the challenges they face. Like holographic material, adjusting the angle sometimes can change everything about what you see. ‘Why not?’ asks Javier through his unconventional, kinetic designs. The agency also puts importance on dedicating “a part of (their) time to personal projects”. It’s a way to never stop learning and to refresh the spirit of adventure that is at their essence.

T-shirt design for Marabunta

Where do Brands Stand in the World of Tomorrow? 

Javier talked to us about where he sees the future of brands and design. A beautiful romance of art and application, fostering change through creativity. 

“Improving the environment surrounding us should be the focus of many brands. There will be new trends for forms, colours and shapes. We will have to think more about the meaning of what is done, and most importantly, how it is done”.

Sustainable shoes and hand-cut meat are just two examples of Javier’s young, conscious clientele. There is a new world to be made, to play with which absolutely needs to be different if it is to solve the problems we face.

Castro’s new wave design perspective doesn’t hold back in boldly presenting the future. It reminds you to be excited about tomorrow, to see the world with glistening eyes. Like a child that gasps at the simplest discovery, constantly building new connections in their mind, connections that adults often miss. 

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Check out Javier’s featured work in the Style Cards Vol. 2. A platter of innovative designers with flavours from around the world, the cards are a way to inspire your next daring, adventurous design project.


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