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On Adjusting Your Dream to Reality

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I would love to talk to you a little bit about the adjustments that we need to do in life as we are building, as we’re creating our dream. So the vision that we hold, or the feelings that we have around how things will turn out in reality, might not be in full alignment with how it’s going to really pan out in reality.

As you are building things, as you’re creating things, there is always this reality check that needs to be done, and a lot of adjustments that need to be done, as you are moving forwards towards the dream.

We need to make sure that we let the dream, it’s like a dream is a living organism, right? It’s sort of the idea that we hold to, but we need to always be shaping it up. Because of the way it is planting itself on earth, the way that it is taking shape or the way that its elements are actually working based on what people are looking for, we don’t know these things. We discover them as we do them.

These parameters come out as we actually start doing things. And we need to just weave them in and then keep shaping the dream, keep shaping the idea based on what we are discovering. That’s the co-creation that we are doing with people in the world.

We cannot be stiff in the way that, this is what we want and this is how I’m going to do it. Of course, you need to be determined, that’s one aspect of it. But you need to be flexible in the way you shape it up and the way you build things. Because what we want to build is what’s useful for the people, what people will love. There’s always this dance that’s going on, and it’s a dance with the world. It’s not a solo monologue.

Be attentive to how people are responding to what you are creating. Weave in that feedback and shape up your next steps based on that. So this dream that you originally started with will slightly be shifting.

Of course, you need to stick to your values and stick to the core mission that you started things off, although that can also change. And how you are going to live with that depends on the choices that you’ll be making. But the most important kind of meter, the barometer for you, is that you just stick to your values, right? That’s the best way to make sure that what you’re creating stays grounded, and has a center of gravity that’s solid and planted based on what you want to create.

And it’ll come out in its best form, which we are not yet even aware of what that end form will be. That’s the beauty of creation. Keep it fluid, keep it flexible, and engage in a dance, and that’s the best way to roll things out. Enjoy the process.


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