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On Comfort and Staying on Edge

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Today, I wanted to share a few thoughts on the importance of not falling in too much in your comfort zone.

So I think once we live our lives, have a routine, and it’s all good, we need that to stay sane and productive and creative, routine is important, structure in life is important. But sometimes it’s so good to leave it all and step into the new waters which you have never experienced before, and see how you’re going to be functioning there.

Personally, I was very lucky to have a lot of opportunities in my life, where I had to completely enter a new country, new city, new culture, and find my way there from scratch. And every journey and every transition like that required in a way to completely reinvent yourself, in order to make it work. 

And through those experiences, you always need to expand yourself. And new colours start entering your life, and broadening you from inside in different ways, and it’s a difficult process right? Because it’s not what you’ve been used to. But if you go with the flow, and you go with the feeling that is pulling you forward, you can experience so many new things that you didn’t even know that that’s exactly what you needed. 

So I invite you to seek those opportunities that pull you out of the comfort zone, and go with them, and see where they take you. Because that’s the beauty of life, to be able to experience a lot of new things, and every new experience is a lesson that enables us to grow.

So don’t get too comfortable with where you are, and growth and progress and adventure, the true adventure in life starts when we get out of our comfort zone and start walking a new direction. So I wish you that.


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This post has an audio story too. Catch a breeze:

This post has an audio story too. Catch a breeze:

This post has an audio story too. Catch a breeze:

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