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On Creating From the Mode of Overflow

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I wanted to share with you a few thoughts on the starting point of how we create things. I was thinking about what makes the journey fun and inspiring, and what makes the journey kind of tough and sort of as if you’re pushing uphill all the time. And I kind of realized that I think it’s the starting point, the start mode with which you start the journey. 

It’s sort of like if you go to the gym, you get on the treadmill, you hit on that button, let’s sort of run. Are you going to just go for 30 minutes non-stop and that’s the goal you want to reach? Or are you going to just go and say, “Okay, I love running, I’m just going to have some fun here, and I’ll see how much I go, what is my capacity?”

It’s a little bit like that in creativity and in anything you are creating on earth. I would invite you to check in and see what is the start mode with which you are doing your project.

Are you just going after a goal, or are you doing this simply because of the overflow of ideas and inspiration, and you feel just simply like you want to share, the time has come, and you are here to share what you have with others?

Are you starting it because of that determination, and it’s sort of, “I’m going to do it no matter what”? Or are you going just simply do what you love, and let the universe put the puzzle for you? Are you here to prove something, or are you here to simply share and give and just see what happens?

And I think all of us, probably in various stages of our lives, kind of start things from both of these modes. And there’s nothing right or wrong, it’s just a different kind of levels of maturity or evolution, we do things from different start modes.

I think the fun part and the blissful part in life is exactly when you are flying slightly above this sort of goal getting, goal setting, when you are really just doing things because you enjoy. And there might not be everything in life that you just do that, there are certain responsibilities that we have and duties that we have that sometimes we have to do things that we just don’t want to do, and we have to push ourselves through that and that’s part of the game.

But if you give space in your life or create time for yourself to do that, what is just simply because is kind of out of the overflow, and you just enjoy the process. The taste of the process is very, very different. That’s my invitation for today.

Check-in with yourself on the starting mode, are you running this game because you are just here to get the goal? Or are you truly enjoying the process, and you’re doing it out of sharing, out of overflow?

The second motivation will definitely take you long term, this is unfortunately a marathon and not a sprint when you are trying to bring out an idea into the world. My recommendation is to choose to do what just naturally comes to you.

And if you are out to share, do it with genuine intentions and not because you’ve calculated in the back of your mind that if you’re going to do that, then something else will happen. Like these vibrations, you can feel it very well, why are people doing certain things, and it’s not always fun when there is this kind of agenda behind it. Enjoy the process, have fun, life is great, and keep flying.


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