On Establishing your Bliss Meter

This post has an audio story too. Catch a breeze:

I have a concept I’d like to share with you, which I recently came across in a book. I found it fascinating and thought it might interest you as well.

The concept is called the “bliss meter.” In our lives, many of us have our activities and responsibilities organized. We have things we like to do and things we need to do. We experience a mix of obligations and passions.

However, if we take a step back and examine our current lifestyle, we can ask ourselves, “How much creative or general bliss am I experiencing on a scale of zero to 10?” Imagine having a thermometer-like tool to measure the level of bliss in your life.

This introspective exercise allows us to assess if we are moving in the right direction and if our life aligns with our desires. If there’s room for improvement on the bliss meter, what can we do to raise it?

Take a moment to reflect on the amount of bliss you currently experience in your life. Consider checking in with yourself daily for the next week to monitor your bliss meter.

I hope this simple ritual enriches your daily routine and brings you immense joy. Wishing you a life filled with bliss. Goodbye for now.


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