On Excitement and Expansion

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I would like to discuss two concepts: excitement and expansion. These two concepts serve as indicators that help us ensure we are heading in the right direction.

Let’s take a moment to reflect back about seven or eight years ago, when I was living a life full of adventures, constantly changing locations and meeting new people. It was exhilarating. Always on the move, always in the groove, life seemed like a movie with things constantly passing by, filled with excitement. It became addictive; the desire for more was insatiable. Many of us engage in activities that keep us excited, curious, and constantly seeking new experiences. This is the essence of excitement.

On the other hand, expansion is a different facet that arises during moments of personal growth. It involves engaging in activities that not only excite us, but also open us up, creating space within ourselves. It’s like discovering muscles you never knew existed while trying different sports. Similarly, inner growth leads us to realize the untapped potential within us, encouraging us to stretch ourselves and explore new horizons. However, the journey of expansion is often challenging. It requires us to navigate through struggles, heal wounds, and confront aspects of ourselves we may have previously ignored—this process often involves pain and uncomfortable truths that we tend to avoid discussing. Nonetheless, it is a journey we all must embark on.

Once we create that space within ourselves, we begin to feel a sense of awe. We can embrace more of life’s goodness and embark on new endeavors. There is an urge to share and contribute more, stemming from the feeling of expansion. Usually, expansion follows a period of excitement. Initially, we experience bursts of excitement repeatedly until we recognize the need to push ourselves further. This process requires self-work, unlocking barriers and accepting previously unexplored ideas, until we are prepared to fully embrace new experiences.

I encourage you not to give up if you sense that what you are about to undertake will demand personal growth and the breaking of self-imposed limits. Embracing this challenge will lead you to uncharted territories. Be open, let go of your defenses, and allow the current of change to guide you. If necessary, engage in inner work along the way, tending to your emotional and mental well-being. Through this process, you will discover yourself venturing into fresh, unexplored waters. The feeling that arises is akin to witnessing a breathtaking sunset or observing a flock of birds soaring in perfect harmony. These moments allow us to experience new dimensions of bliss in life.

Therefore, continue moving forward, refusing to surrender. Fully immerse yourself in the experience of expansion and strive to internalize its lessons. The rewards you reap from this journey are priceless—no amount of money can buy such fulfillment. So, relish every step of the way.


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