On Success

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Hi, it’s me again with one more question and an answer.  So the question is how do I define the success of a brand? What is it, right?

It’s a very personal question because different people approach it in different ways, and that all goes back to your values, like what’s important for you in life? What do you prioritize in life? And that’s how you define your success in life.

Every creator definitely wants whatever they’re bringing out into the world to succeed, meaning to be as known and as desirable, as memorable as possible, right? And all of that would then convert into as many sales as possible. So that’s all good, right? All golden. But that also has its own spectrum, for different people, it has a different sort of height and a different length and all of that.

So it all really depends on how far you can, from yourself, reach. How much capacity do you have within yourself to influence and impact people? That impact of influence, whether it’s through your product, or through your personality, will depend on how far you can take what you are creating and that’s how big your success will be or not maybe it’s big but how far fetching your success will be.

If you want to always grow and reach for more and reach for new heights, you need to always work with expanding your own capacity. And I’ve created the Bloomerang Light Game exactly for this purpose, for those people who feel like it’s never enough to stop and they want always to grow, not from necessarily the point of view of, “I want more,” but simply it’s that you want to create more things and to diversify what you’re creating. In a way you want to expand what you’re doing, not so much to gain, but to expand. And then whatever you gain will come as a Boomerang, will come back your way. So we don’t care about that. What we care about is how much we can give first, and then the results will come back in the format that is meant for us.

Success, brand success, it’s not a static thing, right? It’s just like you as a human being, you’re not static. So of course, you can make yourself static by putting yourself on the couch and watching TV every evening, and here you go, you have a routine. But if that life doesn’t excite you and you always want to push yourself for more, that’s when we come to a question of, “Okay. How can I grow? And how can I improve? And how can I expand and through that, give more and create more?” And then that success takes on a very different shape and a different form, and that’s part of the process. It grows with you. You cannot produce bigger success than you can handle. What you output and gain always depends on the capacity you have within you to keep that, what is coming out in life.

So that’s that. Don’t get fixed on the success of a brand, keep it as a thing that will always grow with you, and don’t get static yourself. So get off that couch, check out the Bloomerang Light Game, and I hope I’ll see you at the game. If you want to have clarity for yourself of whether you’re reaching what you want, you can define that. Let’s say, “This year, for me, success looks like this.” Actually, Brand Canvas, the tool that I’ve created, is a perfect tool for that because it will help you to define different components of your brand and visualize the whole success that you want to create. And then at the end of the year, you can check in with yourself and see, “Have I achieved what I wanted? Or how far am I still towards that?”

So it’s good for your own sanity, it’s always good to just articulate, “What is this success looking like for me in this current moment in my life, in my phase where I am, where I am with the development of my brand?” Just capture that. Brand Canvas is a perfect tool for that. And then check in with yourself. You can check in more often than just one year down the line. You can check in every quarter or whatever timeframe works for you. But these sorts of check-ins, are good for our own sense of calmness that we’ve made some progress. Because if we just move, move, move, move forward without stepping back and reflecting on what we’ve created, we then don’t really appreciate enough what we’ve done, and we don’t congratulate ourselves or feel good about ourselves, which is not a good thing.

We need to nurture the inner creator and give him a tap on the shoulders, “Good job. Good job.” So, remember to do that. Brand Canvas is a perfect tool for that. And yeah, don’t get fixed on what success is because every new experience along your way, every new turn in your adventure will open new horizons, will open new things, and will always keep on expanding you. So just take that in, integrate it, and then shape it up into your brand every new experience so that your brand grows as you grow. See you later.