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On the Power of Play

This post has an audio story too. Catch a breeze:

The concept of play is a wellspring of energy, a source that allows us to explore new realms, experiment with ideas, foster creativity, and unveil uncharted territories within ourselves.

To fully engage in this process, we must reconnect with the essence of our childhood, a time when we were carefree, brimming with boundless curiosity, and everything held a sense of wonder.

As the years pass and age settles in, preserving that childlike curiosity and sense of wonder becomes increasingly challenging for most individuals. However, there exists a transformative secret. To continually innovate, experiment, and avoid the comfort of stagnation, we must remind ourselves of the potent force of play and allocate time for it.

There are various avenues to embrace this practice. For instance, in a professional context, such as running a business, you can designate specific time slots during the week for your team to explore their creative impulses and observe what emerges. This is a well-established practice in various fields, requiring no further elaboration.

What I would like to emphasize further is the importance of carving out personal playtime. The format of this playtime is entirely contingent on your preferences and interests. Whether you have a passion for music and dancing, an affinity for painting or sculpting, or even if you simply relish wandering the streets late at night, all of these activities constitute playtime. My earnest encouragement is for you to gift yourself a portion of playtime each week, at the very least, and observe the transformations that unfold.

Release all expectations and the desire to reach a particular destination during this time. Instead, embark on a journey of experimentation, engaging in activities that feel most natural and compelling to you in the moment. You will be astounded by the magic that can manifest.

So, I implore you to embark on this experiment. Consider it a small ritual to incorporate into your life for a month, and kindly share the outcomes with me. Wishing you an abundance of enriching playtime, and I eagerly await our next encounter.