Bloomerang Playground

Set up a creativity activation game in your office, creative space, or event. The equipment can be either bought or rented.

During this game, we embark on an adventure with creativity and yourself. We surrender to the process of the unknown and explore the pathways that the game takes us on. We reconnect with your inner desires and motives, activate your inner bliss, and crystallize your next steps toward living your dream.

At the end of the game, we create your personal canvas which gives the structure, clarity, and the missing bits for your vision to come together in full bloom. It will enable you to move forwards at full speed.


  • Master game board
  • Tablet-driven add-on
  • 15-game pawns
  • Bloomerang GO game kit
  • Bloomerang LIGHT game kit
  • Card box
  • Bloomerang App

What’s included?


Bloomerang App

The Bloomerang App enables you to play the game with multiple people asynchronously. It also gives access to our Avatar Collection which gives additional guidance for the players.


Master Game Board (App-driven)

With the help of our tablet-driven add-on, the Bloomerang Game can be played by multiple players asynchronously. People can spin at any time without waiting for their neighbor to finish.


Master Game Board (Analog)

The game’s foundation is a 150cm wide game board that packs up in a suitcase. It’s big, colorful, and portable. It weighs 22kg so perfect for a digital nomad.


Cards + Container

All ideation cards can come in a beautiful transparent container which enriches the player’s experience even more.


15 Game Pawns

The playground comes with 15 game pawns which are natural gemstones hand-picked and curated specifically to support the mission of this game.


Bloomerang GO Game Kit

Bloomerang GO game enables entrepreneurs and creators to create a branding and marketing system to take their brand to the next level.


  • cards
  • canvas
  • playbook


Bloomerang LIGHT Game Kit

Bloomerang LIGHT game enables people to reconnect with their innate talents, interests, and skills, explore the nature of creativity, and crystallize their next steps in life.


  • cards
  • canvas
  • playbook

Bloomerang Playground is perfect to:

Engage your community or event’s attendees in a new way
Bring a new experience to your event, office, or space
Expand the horizons of your people
Add more play to your environment

It was a fun, interactive, and inspiring time with my vision. It was very useful to see both the positives and the negatives of my idea. At the end of the game, I crystallized the next step for achieving my dream.

— Ruta Katiliute, Ceramist, Lithuania 

I don’t believe in magic but this time around, the magic was really there. So many coincidences occurred in such a short period of time. The game crystallized my idea further and gave me more clarity for the next steps.

— Ignas Krikstopaitis, founder of Resin Timber, Lithuania

When you have a question but don’t have an answer to it, the game brings you one more question. You try to answer it and, suddenly, you get some advice that you were already thinking about. The game pinpoints what can unlock the bottlenecks and move the needle forwards.

— Sandra Klevinskaite, Marketing Lead at bit&Byte 


Bloomerang Playground

Setup a life navigation and creativity activation game in your office, creative space, or event. The equipment can be either bought or rented out.