Brand Cards

Ideation tool for brand strategists, designers, and creative teams to create mood boards and transform ideas into brand or design concepts.

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Why Brand Cards?

Getting on the same page with your client or team when discussing the aesthetics of the brand or design project can be a challenge. Especially if you work remotely. What is modern and hip for a New Yorker is not necessarily the same for someone from Hong Kong or Johannesburg.

We’ve created the Brand Cards with a mission to create a simple and practical tool that would enable you and your client or team to quickly synchronize around the design direction for your project. This tool helps to avoid miscommunications and reduces the resulting back-and-forths.

The Brand Cards is also a celebration of the most interesting creative work out there. Have fun with this!


  • 200 Style Cards
  • 12 Brand Archetype Cards
  • 40 Brand Personality Cards
  • 20 Tone of Voice Cards

Inspiration, reimagined.

What’s included?


200 Style Cards

We’ve curated a collection of 200 of the best in design work from around the world and organized it into 10 different styles. Discover the trending design work, save lots of research time, and have a solid base to create a mood board that visually communicates the design direction for a brand you are creating.


12 Brand Archetype Cards

Your brand isn’t just a product or a service, it’s also a story of who you are and why you are. The pillars of every brand story are the principles that define a brand’s personality. Define your brand’s archetype with the help of these cards.


40 Brand Personality Cards

Your brand’s personality is the heartbeat of your communications. It sets the vibe and the direction for your content. Define your brand’s personality traits with the help of these 40 brand personality cards.


20 Tone of Voice Cards

Your brand’s tone of voice helps to shape the way you will talk with your audience. It’s a defining element of your brand’s personality. Shape it up with the help of these cards in order to create a better resonance with your audience.

“I just wanted to say I got your brand cards about a year ago and it has turned the brand discovery workshop around 180 – fun, informative and dynamic. My clients are breaking out of their vocabulary bubble and finding new ways to describe themselves without being overwhelmed. Your cards have brought tons of value and breakthrough to the work I do. EK you are so awesome and now I am one of your biggest fans!”
— Joe Vasquez, Denver, Colorado 🇺🇸
“I love them! They make the conversation so much easier, clearer, more concrete. Not just for me, but for the designers involved as well.”
— Jill Matthieu, Copywriter, Belgium 🇧🇪
“We are very happy with the cards. We have used them once so far and the framework helped to keep the focus during the session.”
— Marta Klement, Art & Design Director at Hart Voor de Zak, Amsterdam 🇳🇱
“These cards are a great breakout tool for our brand workshops. They’re high quality, functional, and cover a range of emotions and personalities that create a shared language between participants. We love using them to support with brand development.”
— Elyssa Seidman, Strategy Director at Motive Los Angeles 🇺🇸

Why choose the Brand Cards?

Establish a common vocabulary with your client
Facilitate a successful talk around aesthetics
Discover the best of world-class design
Create concepts and moodboards
Brand Cards

Ideation tool for brand strategists, designers, and creative teams to create mood boards and transform ideas into brand or design concepts.