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Brand Experience Design Workshop

Elevate your brand’s experience to accelerate business growth.
Starts at $8000

During this deep-dive workshop, we’ll revisit your existing customers and explore the steps they go through as they are developing a relationship with your brand. We’ll dive into all the steps from the moment they discover your brand to the moment they become loyal advocates. We’ll also analyze how you activate these steps in order to move your customers closer to your brand.

At the end of the workshop, we’ll identify where the bottlenecks in your brand experience are and how your experience could be improved by weaving in the latest ideas and best practices of brand strategy, content strategy, UX, customer success, and support.

This workshop will expand your horizons and give you a fresh new perspective for elevating your brand experience.

Why choose this workshop?

Identify the bottlenecks in your brand experience
Identify areas for improvement in your brand experience
Refresh your understanding of brand strategy, content strategy, UX, customer success, and support
Leverage these insights to elevate your brand experience
Brand experience design workshop

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Brand Experience Design Workshop

  • 3 hrs intensive on zoom
  • Lifetime access to the BXD Framework (value $1300)
  • 1-year access to quarterly alumni check-ins
  • Access to our Alumni group

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