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Brand System

Narrow in on your vision, crystallize your offering, brand’s positioning, messaging, personality, and design direction. Gain clarity and focus for your next move.

Aching to tell a more compelling story about your business, product, or personal brand? Can’t seem to attract the type of clients you’d love to work with? Want to refocus or diversify but feel boxed in?

If yes, then this workshop may be the next best thing you do for your business or personal brand.

Together we’ll clarify where the love is and what your brand stands for. Then we’ll crystallize a solid positioning that reflects your vision, values, purpose and style.

We’ll cut out any detours, pull you from indecision, and provide clarity, confidence, and actionable ideas you need to quickly solve your most pressing “Who am I? Who are we?” challenges.

Why choose this system?

Narrow in on your vision
Crystallize your brand’s positioning and messaging
Uncover your authentic points and proof points
Articulate your key sales arguments

What’s the outcome?

At the end of the Brand Strategy Workshop, we’ll create a crystal clear Brand Canvas that defines your:

  • Ideal Customer Persona
  • Core messaging
  • Brand’s authentic points and proof points
  • Positioning Statement
  • Brand’s personality
  • Brand’s design direction

The Brand Canvas will serve you as the center of gravity of your brand system and will provide direction for your marketing and sales. It will also function as a brand brief for your designer, copywriter, and other collaborators who’ll help you to implement your brand system. At the end of this workshop, you’ll have more clarity and confidence to embark on new beginnings!

Then, if you needed help to make it happen, we can co-create with you your Brand System which will differentiate you, highlight your authentic points, resonate with your target audience, and prime you for success.

Choose your option

Brand Strategy Workshop

  • 4 group sessions on Zoom, 1.5 hrs each
  • Crystallized Brand Canvas
  • Prep-work and follow-ups

Brand System

  • Brand Visual Assets
  • Brand Statement
  • Brand Book

Bigger team? Have a question?

Schedule a demo or drop us an email.
We’ll help you.

“All the preparation and meetings we did ahead of time, especially the executive committee meeting, proved to make the planning of our brand strategy so successful. I received so much positive feedback about how well the meeting went and it’s been one of our most successful meetings even with it being virtual. Honestly, you did such a great job and we appreciated and enjoyed working with you!”
— Jenny Bessonette - Executive Director, Craft Yarn Council & Warm Up America!
— Jenny Bessonette – Executive Director, Craft Yarn Council & Warm Up America! 🇺🇸

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