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Brand Transformation Kit

This kit guides you through brand reflection and up-leveling in a gamified way. By the end, you’ll have clarity and a system to launch or elevate a brand. Use this kit with your team, clients, or on your own.

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How it works

You can play the game without the Master Game Board. However, it does take the game to new heights ✨

With this brand transformation kit, you'll embark on an adventure with creativity and your brand. Using branding and entrepreneurship techniques, you'll prepare the foundation to up-level or launch your brand.

This kit will help you to:

  • Narrow in on your vision,
  • Clarify your target audience,
  • Crystallize your sales points, sales and lead generation chanenls,
  • Crystallize your positioning, messaging, and design direction.
  • Get inspired by the next-generation ideas from the world of brands, web3, metaverse, and NFTs

At the end of the process, you will have clarity and a system to launch a new brand or elevate an existing one.

Use this kit with your team, with your clients, or on your own.


  • Playbook
  • Brand Canvas
  • Brand Strategy Cards
  • Word Cards
  • Content Cards
  • Style Cards Vol.1 + Vol.2
  • Superpower Cards
  • Next-Generation Cards
  • Avatar Cards
  • Dice (print version)
  • 6 Game Pawns (print version)
  • Master Game Board (optional add-on)

What's included?

Brand Canvas

Brand Canvas provides structure to narrow in on your brand's vision, distill all the ideas, and crystallize the brand’s core.

Brand Strategy Cards

Use this set of brand strategy cards to define your brand's core and fill out the Brand Canvas.

superpower cards by karalyte

Superpower Cards

Unleash your creative potential with this set of 25 Superpower cards. Each card embodies a unique quality that, when cultivated, can help you navigate the waters of creative fulfillment and personal success.

Avatar Cards

Explore your brand from the perspective of the avatar. Use these avatar cards to enhance your personal brand.

Word Cards

Use this collection of ideation cards to define the characteristics of a brand’s personality quickly and effortlessly.


  • 12 Brand Archetype Cards
  • 39 Tone of Voice Cards
  • 40 Brand Personality Cards
  • 7 Style Characteristics Cards

Content Cards

Use this set of 135 content cards to set the right foundation for your content system.


  • 10 Content Goal Cards
  • 15 Content KPI Cards
  • 55 Persona Cards
  • 40 Content Title Cards
  • 11 Content Content Scorecards

Style Cards Vol.1

Use this set of design inspiration cards to define your brand's look and feel. The cards are curated into 10 themes that reflect the world's visual trends.


  • Minimal
  • Vintage
  • Classic
  • Ethnic Bohemian
  • High Tech
  • Natural
  • Feminine
  • Luxurious
  • Metropolitan Hip
  • Colorful & Bright

Style Cards Vol.2

Use this set of design inspiration cards to define your brand's look and feel. The cards are curated into 10 themes that reflect the world's visual trends.


  • Crypto Techno
  • Dreamy Geometry
  • Future is Now
  • Monochrome
  • Nature Calling
  • Vintage Modern
  • Neon Gradient
  • Happy Pop
  • Bold Play
  • Speakeasy

Next-Generation Cards

Use this set of cards to expand your horizons as you explore the latest projects that are shaping the future of our society in the world of brands, web3, metaverse, and design.


Get step-by-step guidelines on how to play the Bloomerang GO game on your own, with your team, or facilitate it for other brand creators.

Master Game Board (optional)

Master Game Board enables you to take the Bloomerang experience to a completely different level. It comes with 15 game pawns which are crystal stones in magnetic pods. The board is 150cm wide. It’s also foldable into a suitcase for easy transportation. The boards are custom-made with your logo. Turnaround time: 3-5 weeks.

Brand Transformation Game Kit will help you:

Crystallize your brand's next-level of success
Crystallize your lead generation strategies
Crystallize your brand's authentic and proof points
Identify your brand's sales points

I don’t believe in magic but this time around, the magic was really there. So many coincidences occurred in such a short period of time. The game crystallized my idea further and gave me more clarity for the next steps.

— Ignas Krikstopaitis, founder of Chisels Play, Lithuania

The game is very valuable for brands and companies. It’s answering a lot of questions that are out there in a fun and new way.

– Charlotte, author of Let’s Move Abroad 🇵🇹

When you have a question but don’t have an answer to it, the game brings you one more question. You try to answer it and, suddenly, you get some advice that you were already thinking about. The game pinpoints what can unlock the bottlenecks and move the needle forwards.

— Sandra Klevinskaite, Marketing Lead at bit&Byte 

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