Content Cards

Use this set of 135 content cards to brainstorm ideas for your brand’s content and set a solid foundation for your content marketing system.

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How to use the Content Cards?

Why Content Cards?

Use this set of 135 content cards to help you brainstorm content ideas and set the right foundation for your content system.


  • 10 Content Goal Cards
  • 15 Content KPI Cards
  • 55 Persona Cards
  • 40 Content Title Cards
  • 11 Content Content Scorecards
Establish the core components of your content system
Expand your options and generate new content ideas
Add more fun to your content workshops
Perfect for the pen-and-paper lovers

What's included?


10 Content Goal Cards

Using the Content Goal cards, you’ll be able to set measurable and clear goals for your content system. This will help you to stay focused and optimize for the best results.


15 Content KPI Cards

The KPI cards will enable you to establish clear KPIs for measuring your content performance. Each KPI card has a detailed explanation of what each KPI stands for and how to measure it.


55 Persona Cards

The Persona Cards will help you uncover what motivates and inspires your customers, and understand their content consumption behavior so you can narrow down the focus of your content.


40 Content Title Cards

Use these cards to come up with specific content titles. The cards provide templates to ideate on and experiment with for your content.


11 Content Scorecards

Pick the best content ideas from the ones you have brainstormed. See which ones will resonate with your audience, move them to action, and bring you the best results.

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