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Content Marketing Fundamentals Course

Learn how to create a content system that drives qualified leads to your website, moves them to action, and motivates them to come back for more.


  • 5 hrs of on-demand video
  • Workshop slides


This online course will take you through the step-by-step process of creating a content system that drives qualified leads to your website, moves them to action, and inspires them to come back for more.

We'll be using Content Canvas throughout the course.


  • 5 hrs of online training
  • Workshop slides

What's covered?

Why is content important?

  • Understanding lead generation
  • Understanding customer experience
  • What's the impact of content?
  • How does content work?
  • What's the ROI of content?
  • What are the KPIs of content?

How to activate people through content?

  • How to be discovered by your people?
  • How to get people interested?
  • How to establish trust and move people to take the first action?
  • How to make people come back?
  • How to encourage people to keep using the product?
  • How to nurture loyalty?

Process for creating content that works

  • Introducing the Content Canvas
  • Set goals
  • Define personas
  • Analyze existing content
  • Get the pulse of your market
  • Choose your lead generation channels
  • Generate content ideas for each step of customer experience
  • Create content calendar
  • Create your content marketing team
  • Create content
  • Optimize content
  • Amplify content
  • Measure content performance
  • What's next?

Why choose the Content Marketing Workshop?

Gives you tried-and-true content planning process
Gives you a structure so you can focus
Expands your options via ideation cards
Corrals everything you need into one place

What Students Say

"Egle is great at teaching this framework! She is a master at the process. I can't wait to implement this work in my own Agency."

— Jessica Güngör, Founder of the Mariane Agency, Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪

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