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1-1 Deep-Dive with Gytis Ivanauskas

Book a 1-1 deep-dive with Gytis Ivanauskas. Each deep-dive is a 45-minutes online session to polish up your acting or performance skills. Pick your focus:

  • Discover your unique creative path
  • Liberate your movement


We’ll coordinate the date/time after the booking.

What can be achieved during this deep-dive?

Each deep-dive offers you the opportunity to unlock your acting and/or performance skills:

1. Discovering your unique path as an actor: Gytis will guide you in exploring your strengths, passions, and personal style to help you stand out in the competitive world of acting.

2. Liberating your movement: Learn how to express yourself freely through physicality and movement. Gytis will share techniques to enhance your body awareness and bring depth to your performances.

Who is Gytis Ivanauskas?

Gytis Ivanauskas is a Lithuanian actor, dancer and choreographer. With his character Lolito Zero, Gytis participated in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and 2022. The act placed 3rd.