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Design Cards Bundle (print)

Gamify your design workshops, facilitate smooth design conversations, explore visual trends, and add more play to your work with this set of 3 ideation cards: 

• Style Cards Vol. 1
• Style Cards Vol. 2
• Word Cards


Digital version coming soon!

This collection of ideation cards enables you to define the characteristics of a brand's personality quickly and effortlessly.

Use these cards when crystallizing your brand's identity or facilitating your brand strategy workshops. Add more play to your work!


  • Style cards vol 1
  • Style cards vol 2
  • Word Cards
Run your design workshops with ease and play.
Establish a common vocabulary with your team or client.
Explore visual trends. Create moodboards.
Add more play to your work!

What's included?

Style Cards Vol. 1

You’ll discover designs from fashion, branding, print, photography, art, film, and other creative disciplines. Expand your horizons. Save lots of research time.


• Minimal
• Vintage
• Classic
• Ethnic Bohemian
• High Tech

• Natural
• Feminine
• Luxurious
• Metropolitan Hip
• Colorful & Bright

Style Cards Vol. 2

Style Cards Vol.2 features the world’s most interesting works across visual disciplines curated into themes that shape our visual culture. Think of it as a trend-book in the form of cards.


• Crypto Techno
• Dreamy Geometry
• Future is Now
• Monochrome
• Nature Calling

• Vintage Modern
• Neon Gradient
• Happy Pop
• Bold Play
• Speakeasy

Word Cards

This collection of ideation cards enables you to define the components of a brand’s personality: brand archetype, tone of voice, personality traits, and style.


• 12 Brand Archetype Cards
• 40 Tone of Voice Cards
• 40 Brand Personality Cards
• 37 Style Characteristics Cards

"We've used them during the workshop and were very happy. Thank you for thinking about all the details. We need more products of such quality!"

— Aretas Kisielius, Lithuania 🇱🇹

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