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Digital Ideation Cards – Full Collection

Unlock clarity with our digital ideation cards and activate creativity with our trend-savvy brand and design cards. Explore design trends, brainstorm on your own, plan your workshops, and ideate in your remote sessions. Get access to our full digital collection of:

β€’ Brand Strategy Cards
β€’ Content Cards
β€’ Word Cards
β€’ Design Cards (22 themes)
β€’ Design Kits
β€’ Next-Generation Cards
β€’ Superpower Cards
β€’ Self-Reflection Cards

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  • Minimal
  • Vintage
  • Classic
  • Ethnic Bohemian
  • High Tech
  • Natural
  • Feminine
  • Luxurious
  • Metropolitan Hip
  • Colorful & Bright
  • Crypto Techno
  • Dreamy Geometry
  • Future is Now
  • Monochrome
  • Nature Calling
  • Vintage Modern
  • Neon Gradient
  • Happy Pop
  • Bold Play
  • Speakeasy

Unlock clarity with our digital ideation cards and activate creativity with our trend-savvy brand and design cards.

Along with the digital design cards, you'll also find Figma templates, enabling you to drag and drop design elements right into your canvas or brand kit.

  • Give yourself a creative edge.
  • Explore design trends.
  • Brainstorm on your own.
  • Plan your workshops.
  • Ideate in your remote sessions. ✨


  • Brand Strategy Cards
  • Content Cards
  • Word Cards
  • Design Cards (22 themes)
  • Design Kits
  • Next-Generation Cards
  • Superpower Cards
  • Self-Reflection Cards

22 Curated Themes + counting

Each theme in our collection reflects a societal or visual trend. It includes design cards, word cards, NFT examples, a color palette, and fonts. Each theme has a web version, an Inspo PDF, and a Figma template. New themes are added consistently.


β€’ Mexican Design
β€’ 80s design
β€’ Psychedelic Design
β€’ Crypto Techno
β€’ High Tech
β€’ Dreamy Geometry
β€’ Monochrome

β€’ Vintage Modern
β€’ Neon Gradient
β€’ Happy Pop
β€’ Bold Play
β€’ Speakeasy
β€’ 80s Design
β€’ Future is Now

Inspiration, reimagined

Why get our Digital Cards?

Unlock your clarity & creativity
Brainstorm on your own or with your team. Facilitate remote workshops.
Kick off your design process faster. Save time.
Catch a breeze of inspiration in a new way.

"I love the Cards! I tried them yesterday for the first time and it has such a value for kicking off the branding project. Also, my client enjoyed it very much as it’s a playful way to find out what they like/dislike and I got the feeling that we got to a common understanding of her design values and wishes so much faster. Thanks!

β€” Tanja Kammler, founder of a Kreativstudio, Austria πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

Book an Inspo Session

Inspiration is often easier to catch from another person. It can also save you time and make the absorption of information much more engaging. We offer remote brand & design trend briefings for your team or can come to your preferred location. Get in touch to learn more and get things rolling.

Perfect match with

If you'd like to give "the body" to our digital cards collection, consider getting the game board. It elevates a creative space and adds more play to your day-to-day life.


    Master Game Board

    The Master Game Board enables you to take the Bloomerang experience to a new level. The board can be used vertically or horizontally and can also be branded. We ship worldwide.