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Next-Generation Brand, who are you?

This trend briefing explores the latest societal and innovation trends across regions and sectors uncovering brand strategies to fuel your innovation and growth. Last updated August 2021.

During this trend briefing, we explore how diverse forward-looking brands in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Middle East leverage creativity and the latest technologies to develop innovative services and orchestrate memorable brand experiences that enable them to stay fresh, desirable, relevant, and one step ahead of the crowd.

We’ve structured this trend briefing around 10 trends that we’ve uncovered which are reshaping the world of brands and our society in general. We take you through them and ask the following questions along the way:

  • What are the expectations and priorities of tomorrow’s consumer? How does s/he choose?
  • What are the most daring and avant-garde brand experiences out there?
  • What is the ecosystem of the next-generation brand?

We update this trend briefing yearly while collaborating with our international consultants. We also take into account our personal experience living and working in these regions.

What’s the outcome?

You’ll resurface this trend briefing bearing some shiny pearls (think: ideas and insights). Leveraging them will enable you to fuel your brand’s innovation and growth.

Why choose this trend briefing?

Expand your horizons through latest brand innovations
Understand the priorities and preferences of today’s consumer
Uncover brand strategies to fuel your growth
Ignite new ideas, save research time

What’s included?

Next-Generation Brand, who are you?

  • Digital presentation highlighting 10 major shaping trends in the world of brands and society
  • Access to our Alumni group

Need a live presentation?

If you’d like to book a live presentation of this trend briefing (in-house or via Zoom), schedule a demo or drop us an email.

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