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Style Cards Vol. 2

Use this set of 135 design cards to explore visual trends, define a brand’s look and feel, gamify design workshops, and enhance moodboards. These cards contain works of modern designers and are curated into 10 themes that reflect the world’s visual trends.

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10 Themes

This volume contains design cards curated into the following themes that reflect visual trends:

  • Crypto Techno
  • Dreamy Geometry
  • Future is Now
  • Monochrome
  • Nature Calling
  • Vintage Modern
  • Neon Gradient
  • Happy Pop
  • Bold Play
  • Speakeasy


  • 130 Style Cards
  • 10 Styles
  • Print version
  • Digital version

Style Cards will help you:

Discover what's on-trend across creative disciplines worldwide
Facilitate a successful design conversation or workshop
Add more play to your creative process
Enrich your visual moodboards

How to use the Style Cards?

What's included?

10 Styles

We've curated the most interesting works into 10 themes that shape our world's visual culture. You'll discover designs from fashion, branding, print, photography, art, film, and other creative disciplines. Expand your horizons. Save lots of research time.

130 Style Cards

Each visual theme has 13 cards. Use these cards as a tool to facilitate a conversation with your client and/or team when setting a design direction for your project. Make it a smooth ride instead of a bumpy one full of miscommunications and back-and-forths.

Digital Style Cards

Style Cards are also available in the digital format so you could use them when facilitating remote design workshops with your team or client. You can easily drag and drop them onto the Brand Canvas when creating your moodboards. Have fun with this!

“[…] we’ve integrated the Style Cards Vol.2 in our briefing process, where we conduct a discovery session involving the client, allowing them to establish key meaningful phrases and navigate the strategy together. Your cards allowed us to smoothly develop brand strategies that we now offer as part of our branding package. You’ve helped us create more meaningful brands with great emotional depth, pushing the brief, and assisting clients in reflecting on their business ideas.”

— Yonis Attiya, founder of Limefish Design, Bahrain 🇧🇭

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