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UX Fundamentals

Learn how to create a user experience that converts website visitors into customers, creates stickiness, and activates to come back for more.

This online course will take you through the best practices of UX in a systemized way. You’ll learn how to activate your users at each touchpoint in order to drive action, how to create stickiness with your digital service, and inspire people to come back for more. Improve your conversion and retention rates. Reduce your churn.

What is the UX Fundamentals about?

During this course, you’ll learn:

  • what governs the conversion and retention rates
  • 8 questions that people ask themselves when they come to a new landing page
  • how to create a sales page that converts
  • how to on-board your new users in a welcoming way and reduce drop-offs
  • how to create stickiness through gamification techniques so people come back for more

With all of this in place, your conversion and retention rates will become solid and sound.

What’s covered?

Getting Started

  • Welcome! What will we cover?
    4 mins
  • Download the Workshop slides
    73.3 MB
  • Product Sales Page Planner
    21.6 KB
  • Product Sales Page Mockup
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  • Questions? Post them on our slack channel

What is User Experience (UX)?

  • What is user experience?
  • How does UX impact your brand’s experience?
  • What’s the ROI of UX?

How to create an experience that drives people to action?

  • How to make people take action for the first time
  • Structure of a good website that converts
  • How to create a WOW first experience
  • How to make people come back
  • How to facilitate a successful buying process
  • How to encourage people to keep using a product

How to measure and optimize UX performance?

  • What are the KPIs of UX?
  • Handy tools
  • Closing remarks

Why choose UX Fundamentals?

Understand what governs conversion and retention rates
Learn 8 questions people ask themselves when they land on a sales page
Learn where users drop-off the most and how to fix it
Understand how to create stickiness with your product

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UX Fundamentals

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