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Word Cards

Use this set of 135 ideation cards to define the components of a brand’s personality: brand archetype, tone of voice, personality traits, and style characteristics.

How to use the Word Cards (Digital)?

This collection of ideation cards enables you to define the characteristics of a brand's personality quickly and effortlessly.

Use these cards when crystallizing your brand's identity or facilitating your brand strategy workshops. Add more play to your work!


  • 12 Brand Archetype Cards
  • 39 Tone of Voice Cards
  • 40 Brand Personality Cards
  • 37 Style Characteristics Cards

What's included?


Brand Archetype Cards

Explore the brand’s archetype or personality type through the brand archetype cards. Each card’s verso contains an explanation and real-life examples. Discover the types that best suit your brand. It will be much easier to define the brand’s tone of voice and style later on.


Tone of Voice Cards

Sculpt your brand’s tone of voice through these examples designed to help you shape your brand’s personality and speak to your audience. For each tone of voice, you'll find an example of a brand quote.


Personality Traits Cards

Your brand isn’t just a product or a service, it’s also a story of who you are and why you are. The pillars of every brand story are the principles that define a brand’s personality. These hand-picked personality cards will help you define your brand’s core principles.


Style Characteristics Cards

Define your brand's style using the style characteristics cards. Each card gives you a design concept that's explained on the back of the card. Learn the design language, educate your client, and make your communications smoother.


Digital Version of the Word Cards

Word Cards are also available in the digital format so you could use them when facilitating remote brand workshops with your team or client. You can easily drag and drop them onto the Brand Canvas when creating your moodboards. Have fun with this!

"Word Cards are perfect to guide the customer in the right direction. The questions are meaningful and help steer the workshop into the right brand strategy for the client. The box is beautiful and the cards are printed on high-quality paper. Just perfect!"

— Eva Storm, Brand Strategist & founder of the “Rise, Launch and Shine” program for the coaches 🇧🇪