6 Best Project Management Tools for Designers

If you have several design clients and projects that you are juggling at once, you know how important it is to use a project management tool to keep you on track. A project management tool that would help you to stay organized, collaborate in real time with your client, and keep up with the current task at hand.  Here are some of our top 6 favorite project management tools:

1. ActiveCollab


ActiveCollab is an all-encompassing project management tool.  With this cloud-based app, you can track billable hours, expenses, and tasks. You and your client will be able to have conversations on each individual project or task item to make sure you’re on track to finish on time.  

One of the best features about ActiveCollab is that you can view all of your projects (if you’re working on multiple projects) in a streamlined timeline view with the percentage completed.

ActiveCollab also has invoice and billing management, which is great for designers who are really too busy to spend a lot of time on that.

2. Notion.so


Notion.so is a very customizable online project management tool. It took us some time to get used to it but once you master how it works, it is pretty easy to use.

You can create multiple workspaces, have different views of the same data, assign tasks for your collaborators, create calendars, to dos, etc.

We use it together in our team!

3. ProofHub


ProofHub is an easy to use project management and online collaboration tool. It brings together your teams, projects and clients at a central place.

Along with the usual task lists, you can create custom Workflows and kanban boards to plan and manage your tasks. Online proofing tool streamlines the feedback sharing and approval process.

There are online Discussions and Group chat features as well for easy collaboration. Apart from all these, there is a fairly long list of useful features that the tool brings along.

And, the super-handy mobile app for Android and iOS comes as a breath of fresh air.

4. Basecamp


Basecamp is a great online project management tool for designers and clients to use.  If you have multiple projects with one or several clients, you will be able to view each project on its own with separate task lists and discussions.  

One of the coolest features of Basecamp is that you can sync everyone’s tasks, due dates and projects onto one master calendar that will allow you to see everything.  

Basecamp has really nice integration with whatever mobile or browser apps you’re used to working with.

5. Flow


Flow is a simple project management tool that keeps track of the basics: what your client wants and when they want it by.  You can collaborate with your client in real-time and view their new tasks on your iOS mobile app.

6. Redbooth

Here are some of Redbooth's best features.

Redbooth is an advanced project management system that offers full integration into your digital life: e-mail, mobile, and the cloud.  

You and your client will be able to view your assigned tasks in a streamlined view that will display the percentage of how close it is to being complete.  

You’ll be able to time track within your projects and tasks, so you can know how much to bill your client for at a later date.  

Receive updates in real time and always be in the know of what your next task is.


We hope you’ll find a project management tool that matches your needs and enables you to save all that extra time.

Good luck!