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Those pains of creation…

Have you ever seen the movie the The White Dove (1960) by the Czech film director’s František Vláčil?

We could analyze it from multiple point of views – the director’s poetic sensibility and aesthetics, ability to tell a story without words, mise en scène, etc. What stayed with me the most is this accurate reflection of the struggles we go through when we are determined to put our creative visions to action – whatever that vision is – a new product, a business, a painting, a peace of music or dance…

This vision can sometimes be clear, sometimes blurry and you crystallize it along the way, or sometimes just a feeling which you restlessly need to sculpt. The process of putting your vision to action for the observers can seem exciting, but for most of us, the creators, it is a bit of a painful experience too. To find the right words, the right images, to shape it up meaningfully, to merge everything in your own way so the project in its entirety reflects your voice and becomes what people value the most – an authentic one. This kind of “putting the right dots in the right places” can sometimes be a real struggle…

Only until your creation as a whole looks and feels the way you want it, we put our minds to rest giving rise to the feeling of accomplishment. “I found it! I found the peaces of a mozaic that I wanted to build and I built it!” This moment is very rewarding.

Then it is the time for the audience to criticize or applause.

In all of this, I guess, the controversy is that the enjoyment we give for the audience through our work is earned through very hard work, determination, fights with the doubts along the way… It does not happen just like that… Michelangelo puts it even better:

If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem wonderful at all.
— Michelangelo

On the other hand, carrying those visions in our minds and not putting them to action is even more of a painful struggle…

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