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We Want Closeness

We thought we’ll try something different… Here’s our first slam in the series.

We want closeness
We want face to face
We want real talk
For you to hear what we say

Less alienation
Diverse voices screamed from all sides of our nations

It’s all in the image

Not in a thousand words could you fit in
What is seen
Honest depictions of the world come to be
What we’re after

Less photoshop, more curves
More transparency, less words
We want to know
We demand to know
That board is all white

I want to speak with the person who said that that’s alright
We talk amongst ourselves to build ideas
To fight that fight

And I guess what we really want is you to really be on our side
We’re making our own spaces and you’re allowed to come inside
But first we need to hear the proof that truth is in your eyes.

Stay on the beat with us.


Credits: Words by Tom Simpson, Video by Svajunas Sirmelis, Idea by Egle Karalyte.

Stay on the beat with us