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Acrobat holds the superpower of Completeness. With meticulous attention to detail, he brings every task to a satisfying conclusion, infusing each endeavor with newfound energy.

  • Brand Archetype:
    Personality Traits:
    Dedicated, Reliable, Loyal
    Tone of Voice:
    Thoughtful/Refined, Creative yet practical, Conversational
    Style Characteristics:
  • FLIP
    An ability to consistently and thoroughly finish tasks and projects one undertakes develops a strong sense of dedication and attention to detail. Commitment to seeing things through fosters reliability and a sense of accomplishment. It ensures that your work is brought to a satisfying and well-rounded conclusion. Completeness brings an influx of new energy. Finish it and go swimming!
  • FLIP
    When we reach our goal and our dreams finally materialize, we reach a state of peace and calmness. From this state, we can enter a new dimension of creation. We can finally sit back, relax, and watch the events unfold in front of us. If we’ve done our job well as the creators to this point, the view will surprise you. You’ll see that things can start happening without your participation. Your watchfulness is the only thing that’s required for the game to continue.

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    This avatar was created in collaboration with Deividas Jaroška, a Lithuanian composer, and recording artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Also known as Five Rituals, Backwing, Karkasas, and Papa JJ, he has a passion for pushing musical boundaries, continuing to shape the landscape of electronic music. Deividas captivates listeners with his unique style and infectious energy.