Aurora holds the superpower of Determination. Her presence ignites a fire within us, urging us to confront obstacles with bravery and press forward on our creative path with unshakable determination.

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    Direct; Loyal; Grounded; Dedicated
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    Determination feels like walking on a frozen lake. You know that the ice might break with every step you make, but you continue. You continue understanding all the risks and despite the fragility of your road ahead. You continue because the dream sits on the other side of the lake and the desire to get there is stronger than anything else in life. You continue gently hopping over the thinner parts of ice and minimizing your risks as much as you can. Continue.
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    Money follows good ideas. If people will love your idea, find it useful, be willing to pay for it, and if there will be enough people doing that, then you’ll be able to transform your idea into a self-sustaining business. Finding the formula for financial success is a process. Experiment until you find a model that works.

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    Book a deep-dive with Kriste Dauksiene (Aurora) to create a balance between your mind and body. It’s a 60-minute live coaching session through dance with a focus of your choice.

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    Take Aurora avatar with you by getting one of her high-quality art prints. Tune into her energy to activate determination within. The prints come in three different sizes.

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Develop your superpowers as a creator. When playing with Aurora, you’ll be getting more determined.

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    This avatar was created in collaboration with Kristė Daukšienė, Lithuania’s pioneering flamenco dancer with nearly a decade of experience. Travelling between Lithuania and Spain, she passionately shares the soul-stirring beauty of flamenco through performances, workshops, and collaborative projects, serving as an unwavering ambassador for the art.