Ordell aspires to high ideals and lives by them. It fosters purity, simplicity, truth, and harmony. This avatar guides the players through the layers of ego, activating empathy, gratitude, and genuine self-discovery. It takes you to the place of authenticity – who you really are.

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    Pioneering, Courageous, Open-minded
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    Humbleness as a superpower enables us to pay close attention to what life is telling us and where it’s leading us. It helps us to put our egos aside and tune into the here and now. It fosters empathy, nurtures an environment of collaboration and growth, and creates a harmonious balance between personal achievements and collective well-being.
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    Inspiration visits us at the most unexpected time. It doesn’t ask you whether you are ready or not, it just comes. It comes as an inner impulse, an urge from inside, an influx of new energy. You can’t stay still – you just need to do it. It’s the most divine gift that one can get. Make sure to catch it when it comes and enjoy the ride it takes you on.

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Develop your superpowers as a creator. When playing with Ordell, you’ll learn about humbleness.

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    This avatar was created with Gytis Ivanauskas – a Lithuanian actor, dancer and choreographer. With his character Lolito Zero, Gytis participated in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and 2022. The act placed 3rd.