Ríona holds the key to unknown horizons – uncharted territories of creativity you have yet to experience. The road ahead is misty and rugged, but if you’re brave and adventurous, Ríona will reveal the stars with the power to expand you from within. Rise, baby, rise. The time has come to shine.

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    Personality Traits:
    Courageous, bold, inspirational, confident
    Tone of Voice:
    Caring/Empathetic, Candid, Motivational
    Style Characteristics:
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    Carving out your unique path in life requires courage. Courage to stick to your guts, to get comfortable with the unknown, to be flexible and fast when making unforeseen turns. Only the bravest and the most persistent ones win. They break all boundaries and set new trends for others to follow. And then, they move on to new things…fast. So hit the road, Jack!
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    Success opens up new horizons for us. It brings new people, spontaneously unfolds unexpected encounters, and things start falling into their places with such ease and playfulness. The most important thing here is to drop all your expectations and let this unfoldment happen without your control. Spread your wings wide, let the world be your canvas, and enjoy the flight!

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    This avatar was created in collaboration with Erica Jennings, an award-winning singer and songwriter. Her first solo single “It’s a Lovely Day” was in 2001. She released her debut album “Leading me home” in 2016. She was awarded Best Female Artist in 2017 and “Woman of the year” in 2018. In 2021, she has produced and hosted “Find Your Voice” (“Atrask Savo Balsa” – GO3 online TV 2021). She is a lead singer with well-known band SKAMP, who paved the way for post independence youth in Lithuania. Erica also coaches on modern parenting, navigating life afer marriage, and bio hacking on a budget.