Swan Maiden

Swan Maiden holds the superpower of Clarity. She dispels the fog for everyone who enters her realm and brings a crystal-clear vision to embrace.

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  • Brand Archetype:
    Personality Traits:
    Analytical, Grounded, Reliable, Pragmatic, Visionary
    Tone of Voice:
    Creative yet practical; Thoughtful/Refined
    Style Characteristics:
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    Clarity transforms ideas into action, enables us to make the right choices, brings the right people our way, and moves us closer to the dream. Without it, we float in a fog unable to make things happen. Establishing rituals in our day-to-day life that keep us grounded will give us the crystal clarity we need to remain sharp. They can add the kind of magic that only a royal swan seen far away on a lake in a fog can bring. Follow it – it will show you the way. ✨
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    When we start something new, we often don’t know where we’ll end up with. It takes time for an idea to gain shape and to get grounded in the real life. We call this stage crystallization – the process during which everything is polished up, ironed out, clarified, and put together so you can bring the most beautiful and meaningful creation into the world. Enjoy this enfoldment.

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Develop your superpowers as a creator. When playing with Swan Maiden, you’ll be getting more clarity.

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    This avatar was created in collaboration with Elžbieta Latėnaitė, a professional film and stage actress. At the Lithuanian Film Awards “Sidabrinė gervė”, was awarded the best leading actress of the year in K. Vildžiūnas’s film “When I hug you”, 2011. Besides numerous roles in theater, Elžbieta Latėnaitė is a passionate advocate for human rights, who has the proficiency to motivate, educate and elevate people.