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    Simas Slabaciauskas
    Simas Avatar embodies independence –  a resolute determination to stay authentic and true to oneself and one’s sense of purpose, regardless of popular opinions or trends. Aim for your own stars, not someone else’s. Create your unique paradise on Earth.
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  • Simas Slabaciauskas
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    Free-spirited, Adventurous, Witty
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    Natural, minimalistic, folklore
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    Independence is about thinking, deciding, and acting in life autonomously, guided by one’s intuition, values, and mission. It’s about fostering self-reliance, resourcefulness, resilience, and the capacity to make choices free from external influences and opinions. Independence is also about taking ownership of one’s actions, decisions, and the consequences that arise from them. With freedom comes a lot of responsibility.
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    Inner freedom steers us forward showing us the way. As we slowly let our guards down, remove our masks, and set ourselves free from everyone else’s expectations, we start stepping into our authentic selves. This strengthens our core and enables us to withstand the winds, the wild oceans, and the rollercoasters of life. Stepping into your true nature and acting from that place will release so much energy giving you new wings. Ready to take the next step inwards to fly higher up?

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Simas Slabaciauskas


Develop your superpowers as a creator. When playing with Simas, you’ll learn about freedom and independence.

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    This avatar was created in collaboration with a Lithuanian musician Simas Slabaciauskas. With a history of igniting dance floors across Lithuanian nightlife for a few decades, Simas now creates dance experiences that evoke bliss.